for heaven’s sake

I am beginning to believe there is an outbreak of craziness in some of the christian minds who hosts blogs on the web. In the god watching suffering question by Violetwisp, there is this comment

I was living according to the flesh, meaning, I was living for myself, my desires were all about me, and not about God, once I was born from above, my whole perspective changed, I no longer wanted to live for me, I wanted to live for God, before I was born from above, I was filled with hate, after I was born from above, I was filled with love, before I was born from above, I hated life, after I was born from above, I felt like I had come home, I had found the answer to life, for the first time in my life I had peace, before I was born from above, I did not have peace, before I was born from above, I was a very angry person, after I was born from above, the anger went away, and I felt love for everyone around me, God had changed my life instantly, it was amazing, & still is amazing ! 🙂

And the thoughts that occurred to me was he was now watching porn for god, selfish for god, hating for god, angry for god. The things people tell themselves!

Having said that, I hasten to add this fellow must be confused. You can’t live for someone else, you would sooner die than live for someone else if you thought your life no longer had any meaning for you. And there is nothing wrong with being selfish. But the christian obsession with narcissism gets to my nerves. I am so special, the god of the universe intervened to make my shitty life exemplary and am going to spread this bullshit to everyone who can listen to the crap I have to write.

About husbands

Am sure many of you will disagree but whatever the intent of Mencken, this was a funny guy. Let’s hear what he says about husbands

In other words, the typical husband is a second-rater, and no one is better aware of it than his wife. He is, taking averages, one who has been loved, as the saying goes, by but one woman, and then only as a second, third or nth choice. If any other woman had ever loved him, as the idiom has it, she would have married him and so made him ineligible for his present happiness. But the average bachelor is the list first choice of at least some of them. He represents the unattainable and hence admirable; the husband is the attained and disdained.

I am almost certain there was a riot among his friends when this book came out.