Am an atheist and am depressed

Seriously no! And that title isn’t to grab your attention not is it a call for help. I wrote yesterday there is an outbreak of stupid in Christendom. This morning I am reading atheism leads to depression and suicide and I go what the fuck are these guys smoking? Burning bush anyone?

The OP tells us the bible is all the evidence you need. She says the evidence is right there in Romans 1.

There is nothing in being an atheist that says you will be happy. Nothing about being an atheist that says you will not consider suicide. That an atheist is unhappy is not an argument against it. If this were the case, a suicide by a christian is conclusive argument against Christianity.

I am not depressed. I have read about a few friends who suffer depression and some of them it seems it started while they were still believers, but the OP has you covered. She writes

If a “Christian” is not a true one, and is only one in name, depression can certainly arrive.

She writes that this book Crucifying Christ in our Colleges” (by Dan Gilbert) gives all the evidence you need to know that atheism leads to suicide. I think more people commit suicide because they are poor than because they don’t believe in god.

And now she offers the solution to those of you suffering from depression

If you’re struggling with thoughts and feelings of depression and suicide, don’t give-in to it. Only give-in to God

and me wonders what stopped god from ensuring you don’t have depression in the first place? Why do believers believe in such a sadist? Plus she has evidence his solution works. Again I let her speak for herself

I actually have a friend who used to be atheistic, then accepted the truth and is now a strong person in the Lord

And if you want to know how to get this going, again lets hear her speak

If you have any comments or questions, please leave a message for me.

I am not the one to break people’s bubbles but I have a weakness, I admit, my tolerance for stupid is really low. It is quite plain this author doesn’t know what atheism is, what depression is or she would have treated them well.


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60 thoughts on “Am an atheist and am depressed

  1. Caroline says:

    This is totally fucked up, and the sort of attitude which really pisses me off! I have good Christian friends who struggle with depression every day of their lives, I have atheist friends who are suicidal. Depression is a disease! It’s not a matter of “being unhappy ” and the cure isn’t to just “be happy “. The OP needs to do some actual research! For the record I’m an atheist, not depressed or suicidal, and actually a lot happier with myself since losing my delusion 🙂

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  2. aguywithoutboxers says:

    If I don’t believe in your deity, then why would I believe the fables contained in Romans?


  3. “I actually have a friend who used to be atheistic, then accepted the truth and is now a strong person in the Lord” This shit really gets me. Which “lord”? Why the christian lord and not Allah? The christian needs to first prove that it is their lord that is the “real” lord and then which version of that christian lord that is the “real” lord before they can begin any conversation with me about what is or isn’t “real.” christian diatribes like this one make me feel depressed and cynical. The idiots who write them are ignorant asses and disrespectful human beings. Idjits.

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  4. She is either completely clueless and has been fed this line of reasoning or she is trying to hide her own issues under a veneer of ‘Happy Christian’. She most certainly knows someone that is depressed and medicated for it. There are too many out there for her to not know one. This is the kind of attitude that really messes people up and can lead to much greater problems. Disgusting.


  5. shelldigger says:

    Pfft. Just chumming with the usual gibberish that attratcs x-ians to books. Move along nothing to see here… that we haven’t seen before with the same disgust. What is it with just so stories about atheist/x-ian conversions that tickles their fancies so?


  6. archaeopteryx1 says:

    Only give-in to God” – You might mention to her – and I can only assume the author was Insanitybytes – that no one, real or imagined, could have “given in to god” more than his son, Yeshua, who deliberately committed suicide by cop.


    • makagutu says:

      IB is in the class of CS, SOM and those I don’t touch with a mile long pole.
      I hope she will visit us and learn a few things


      • archaeopteryx1 says:

        I hope she will visit us and learn a few things” – Highly unlikely, those three have deliberately disconnected the learning centers of their brains – they have their fingers in their ears while singing, “La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la –“


  7. archaeopteryx1 says:

    But then, he may not have been a “true Christian” —


  8. I think their blogs are depressing and so is their sheer crap they regurgitate but that doesn’t make me depressed. I thni they could use their time better and more effectively instead of spouting nonsense. Still, their choice.

    However, these sort of flawed posts do give basis to Ark’s contention that so many of these nutcases ‘see the light’ ‘come to god’ after personal trauma.

    Depression is not cured by religion. Religion is not a clinically proven cure for depression. Sadly Victoria can tell us first hand experience of that.

    It belittles people who do have depression/suicidal thoughts to come out with such tosh.


    • makagutu says:

      I agree with you. I don’t know anything that was cured by religion. To talk in this manner about people who have serious issues to deal with is insensitive


  9. […] to Makagutu for finding the original […]


  10. Sonel says:

    Oh, for goodness sake! What more will these fools think up next Mak? Depression doesn’t ask for faith and who you believe in. I grew up in a depressed home where alcohol and money were the main gods. I am getting old and I’m in MEN-o-pause and that means my hormones went to some exotic island and now I am pissed off because they left me at home! That is why I get my ‘depressed moods’. Religion never cured anything and it makes me furious when people can’t think for themselves. I wish they could invent pills for stupidity!


  11. john zande says:

    Me thinks she’s projecting


  12. fojap says:

    Your title did momentarily alarm me!

    As far as the relationship between atheism, depression and suicide goes, I looked to see if I could find any objective research. The summary of what I’ve found seems to be that atheists are no more prone to depression than believers, but given a group of people who are all ready depressed, they are more likely to commit suicide. It also seems that some of the beneficial outcomes may have more to do with belonging to a group than whether or not the individual believes. Therefore, the writer would be incorrect. Being a “Christian” would seem to be just as good as being a Christian.

    In any case, it seems as if the studies are mostly not good, either a sample size to small or not distinguishing between atheists and people who simply don’t go to church, or some other problem.

    Also, it seems as if some of the benefits of religion can be had by secular means. Joining a choir, dancing with a group or meditating may be just as positive in a secular environment.

    Here’s a link. There are more links in the comments below the post.


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