are we born with a tendency to believe in god?

A few days ago I read and commented on a post, which I haven’t been able to retrace, where the author is making a claim that we have in us what Plantinga calls a sensus divinitatis, that is, we are born with a yearning for god. My attempts to explain this is not the case fell on what I can only describe as concrete walls. We meet people who have never had a belief in god and most if not all who eventually became believers were spoon fed religion from the cradle to the college lecture room.

The believer who insists we are born with a desire to believe in a god, but mostly his god, should be open to accepting that their god does a poor job and ensuring this belief is kept throughout the person’s life.

If I am to make any concessions, we are generally inclined to see agency in things. And for the untrained mind, the religious mind, or better put, the child and the idiot never grows out of this. To such a person when she or he meets with a long-lost ex boyfriend or girlfriend, god is telling them something.

We live in a pitiless and indifferent universe that we do ourselves little or no justice to believe in such hocus pocus. I have abandoned any hopes I had that the masses could be persuaded to think. I have stopped hoping that I will reach the masses. They are more concerned about a future life that thinking is tiresome and painful for a great number of them.

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127 thoughts on “are we born with a tendency to believe in god?

  1. Real real me says:

    The post that you have read is ridiculous! Many times before you have mentioned we are born atheists! In my opinion that “tendency to believe in (a) god(s)” is created by the society.
    By the way I felt frustrated by the religion so I decided to check your blog… it’s been a while… This post was even able to make me smile (the stupidity of believing that meeting an ex is a god’s thing)….
    So how are you? Is there anything new you should tell me about? I see you have many comments that prove your success on the blog. Congratulations.


    • archaeopteryx1 says:

      (the stupidity of believing that meeting an ex is a god’s thing)…. – I don’t often type with my mouth agape, but in this instance, I’ll make an exception. Are you saying you’re Mak’s ex? Come on, Girlfriend, dish the dirt!


    • makagutu says:

      I am well, been wondering where you disappeared to. Have you been in session. I have noticed you have been writing a lot more lately


      • Real real me says:

        You know I tend to disappear and eventually come back. I do it all the time as I’m busy with studying. Yes, I had exam session and now another one is coming. I posted more often lately because I have kind of set “deadlines”… 2012 just looks so long in my diary.
        By the way I saw you have been to China for New Year! Great!


  2. jessearl522 says:

    I believe we are born with a desire to be loved and accepted. This can manifest itself in the desire for the divine or mundane. Though I have personal beliefs on why this is, it’s hard to look at humanity and not find someone who at one point in their life wanted love, adoration, or respect. Love fuels our desire to create or destroy. Rejection or lack of love can cause significant damage to someone emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Humanity is hungry for love and acceptance. I don’t think it’s stupid or childish to explain such hunger as a desire for divinity or for God. But perhaps it does not make the best philosophical argument since such desires can be explained by our biological need to get along and work together to benefit ourselves and others.


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