on hate

On Violet’s blog, there are theists who are busy pointing to each how wrong they are. And then there is that one theist who insisted le Ark is full of hate. Mencken has something on this that I find quite interesting. He writes

No combat set in this world ever grows more furious and extravagant than a combat between Christians. They seem to have a special talent for hatred, almost a vocation. Perhaps the fact that their creed denounces it specifically and is mainly concerned with putting it down- perhaps this fact has its significance for practitioners of the Freudian necromancy.

[..]In the course of them many a false-face and bed sheet is pulled off and many a fraud is burnt by the pitiless sun. It is a salubrious sport and diverting. Of it, one may say what one may say of all other varieties of war; that the offensive is more charming than the defensive. Neither side is very impressive when it bawls against the libels of the other. But both are thrilling when they lay on.