what is truth

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective not the truth.

Marcus Aurelius

My friend Rom[ liberty of thinking] gave us a definition of truth that am willing to work with, that is,

In ancient Greek culture, 225 (alḗtheia) was synonymous for “reality” as the opposite of illusion, i.e. fact.

In her post, what is truth? Xandra gives the impression that we can each have our own truths and call it truth. Taken to its logical conclusion, we must accept that a donkey talked and snakes spoke and walked upright for this is held as true by some people. In the same vain we must accept that Mo, piss be upon him, went to heaven, Mecca and Jerusalem on a single night aboard a Pegasus because this is true for many people.

I think, she doesn’t do justice to the question when she writes

Truth by it’s very nature is ever elusive. To explain, for a believer in God, the tenets of their religion may be truth.

In my view this is akin to the argument by some religious apologists that religion has its own language and we can’t critique it with the same common everyday words.

If truth has to make any sense, I think as a quality it has to have a universal applicability. There is no world where I think 2+2=4. This is true regardless of if you are Muslim, Hindu or Christian, well maybe not for the christian for 3=1 and 1=3 but that is a discussion for another day.

While am not a defender of Dawkins, I think attacking him because you disagree is unnecessary. It makes no sense to say you personally don’t dislike him and then describe him in not so favourable terms. But that isn’t our point here.

I take her at her word that she has

actually been told by some atheists that paranormal research is incompatible with atheism

I know I wouldn’t tell her to not study any subject of her choice. For all it’s worth, I may want to study aliens and I don’t want anyone telling me it is incompatible with godlessness.

You will allow me, since she has moved from what truth is, to what other atheists do or say and as an atheist, I can have a word or two to say.

She writes

Equally there are atheists who try to say that you cannot be an atheist and spiritually-minded or a believer in spiritualism, ghosts, or hauntings. Equally bunkum, as they are immediately equating these subjects with belief in god(s), Heaven and Hell, which may not necessarily be the case.

and I grant that maybe but ask the atheist to tell me what they mean by spirit, ghost or haunting. And if possible, show me the evidence and I will believe. I want to know if the atheist who believes in ghosts, spiritualism and so on has ventured to find out the origins of such beliefs. Don’t get me wrong. Am not say anything about whether one is a true atheist or not, I want to know what they can tell me and others what they think the paranormal is.

Nobody denies that Sir Isaac Newton was religious. We know he was also an alchemist. In his Laws of motion, there is no room for gods to play. Citing him as an example of a religious person who was a scientist doesn’t do justice either to his science or his religion and further it doesn’t tell us anything about the truth value of his religious belief. All we can deduce from it is he was religious.

I am trying to wrap my head around

However, if it is, then it logically follows that to bring a child up as an atheist is equally indoctrination.

How would this be?

Do religions deserve respect. Of course not. They are ideas and ideas ought to be criticized, ridiculed if they are worthy of ridicule but never respected. The claim that religion should be respect is one of the major reasons it gets perpetuated as a virtue. I find

Some atheists ask whether we should even respect religions, and some downright refuse to do so. Their argument is that the religious faiths in the world have nothing of value to offer. I find such intransigence to be narrow-minded, arrogant, ignorant and confrontational. There are in fact many truths within faiths which are good guides for life, and which one need not believe in god(s) to follow.

to be an impediment to enquiry. It’s not any different from saying before you critique my bible, revere it. It can’t start from reverence to critique. I should, after reading, find the book worthy of reverence but not before.

And to claim

Christianity has given us the Golden Rule; “Do unto others as you would have them treat you.” Islam teaches that practising undue usury upon an individual is corrupt but charity unto others is fruitful. Hindu and Buddhist beliefs give us Karma – that we reap exactly that which we sow.

is to me to play with the facts.

In conclusion, I respectfully disagree with Xandra on most of her accommodationist views. I don’t begrudge her for being a pacifist. I want us to have more pacifists but while at it, we can’t get there by spreading half-truths. We can’t claim that truth is culturally dependent. I don’t claim to know what truth is or whether it is desirable. And the claim that religions have given us morality is not supported by fact. We agree on so many other things with Xandra and I was hoping she would elucidate more on truth than she did attacking atheists.

God in exodus tells its chosen people[ already a case of preferential treatment without basis] not to kill and shortly after to kill their neighbours.

If we can’t be truthful, let us at least be honest both in our beliefs and criticisms.

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Chronicles of YHWH 38: Bread Breaker

Bread Breaker

Behold, on the third day, Yeshua arose from the dead. And he caught up with two men walking towards Emmaus, and they looked at him, but didn’t recognize him. One of the men, Cleophas, noticed some faint familiarity, though.

Cleophas: You look familiar, man.

Yeshua: Yeah. I’m Yeshua. Have just resurrected. Howdy.

Cleophas: I’m trying to place your face and voice. I’m sure I’ve seen you somewhere.

Yeshua: Of course you’ve seen me, many times before. You’ve even fed on my magical loaves of bread and fish in the past. I’m Yeshua, after all. The resurrected one.

Cleophas: I could swear that I’ve even seen your walking style, numerous times before.

Yeshua: You are not listening to me. I’m Yeshua, the son of God. Back in business, after a lull of three days, during which I was dead.

Cleophas: Are you from Judea, man? Or Samaria? I regularly trade in those places, and we might have crossed paths in the streets in the past. Have you ever bought any of my beads?

Yeshua (Getting irritated): Listen, man! I’ve just told you that I’m Yeshua – the guy that got pinned up a tree some three days ago! Remember?

Cleophas: Just give me some time. I’m sure I’ll remember where we’ve met before. My memory rarely fails me. Or was it in Galilee? Did you attend the census there last year?

Yeshua (Exasperated): Alright, alright! Check this out, man. This will certainly jog your memory.

So Yeshua picked up some unleavened bread, and after blessing it, broke it. And immediately, Cleophas recognized him.

Cleophas: Whoa! You are Yeshua! The son of God!! Back from the dead! I would recognize that bread breaking move anywhere! It’s your signature move, Yeshua! The Left Hook Bread Breaking PowerSlam!

Yeshua rolled his eyes.


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Defining natural law: a response

In there can be no liberty without religion I contended that the author of the post had contradicted himself when he claimed that there is more to Natural Law that what is natural. He has since written two posts to decry my use of and understanding of logic. I will respond to just this last one and it will be my last for here am dealing with an idiot.

In his recent post, defining natural law, he writes

a body of law or a specific principle held to be derived from nature and binding upon human society in the absence of or in addition to positive law.

and in my post I wrote

Natural law is a philosophy of law that is determined by nature, and so is universal. Classically, natural law refers to the use of reason to analyze human nature — both social and personal — and deduce binding rules of moral behavior from it.

How in all things unholy is my definition a misunderstanding of natural law. Have I in the definition written anything about what comprises the universe?

I don’t see the relevance to the discussion on natural law the following by the OP

By definition, anything that exists as a part of or which functions in this universe would be ‘Natural.’  In other words, is ‘naturally’ occurs as an inherent part of the universe’s existence.  Now, whether the materialist likes it or not, there is much more to this universe than just matter.  Therefore, it naturally follows that there are more than one set of laws in this universe.

And I didn’t make it up when I said atheists want to kill Christians. The OP wrote

That is why they have and continue to be so consistent in their attempts to eliminate Jews and Christians.  I know this to be true because they have said so.

So that when he writes

Do I accuse them of wanting to kill me?

what does he mean?

I did write that morality only makes sense in community. Where there is no reciprocity, there can be no use of morals. In his rant to show am wrong, he has done nothing to show where 1) I misunderstood him 2) where am wrong.

He has a written a long post and it is Monday, there is a beautiful lady waiting for me so I will not bother with the rest of what he has written. I will only like to point out that he has an idiot who has commented in his post, who for lack of a better word is a dickhead. He writes this about me and inspired one

If you are referring to the Mr Magoogoo or whatever he calls himself blog…..the one called ‘Random Thoughts : random musings about everything’, I would say his post is more “random phrases about nothing”.

Mr Magoo is a clear a Statist utopian Progressive with all the requisite predilections towards violence. And true to all Leftists ( gays, democrats, environmentalists, Race-baitors and the rest of the Communist Circle-jerk club) his own ‘allies’ include a die-hard muslim ( calling itself “inspiredbythedivine” … while spewing hatred ).

Same cast of disreputable characters….spewing the same Anti-Christian and Anti-Jewish garbage that we see in our own press.

which I find funny really. I didn’t know Jeff was Muslim, things you learn daily. And I honestly didn’t know that I tend towards violence. I think I need to be restrained before I hurt myself and others.