Chronicles of YHWH 38: Bread Breaker

Bread Breaker

Behold, on the third day, Yeshua arose from the dead. And he caught up with two men walking towards Emmaus, and they looked at him, but didn’t recognize him. One of the men, Cleophas, noticed some faint familiarity, though.

Cleophas: You look familiar, man.

Yeshua: Yeah. I’m Yeshua. Have just resurrected. Howdy.

Cleophas: I’m trying to place your face and voice. I’m sure I’ve seen you somewhere.

Yeshua: Of course you’ve seen me, many times before. You’ve even fed on my magical loaves of bread and fish in the past. I’m Yeshua, after all. The resurrected one.

Cleophas: I could swear that I’ve even seen your walking style, numerous times before.

Yeshua: You are not listening to me. I’m Yeshua, the son of God. Back in business, after a lull of three days, during which I was dead.

Cleophas: Are you from Judea, man? Or Samaria? I regularly trade in those places, and we might have crossed paths in the streets in the past. Have you ever bought any of my beads?

Yeshua (Getting irritated): Listen, man! I’ve just told you that I’m Yeshua – the guy that got pinned up a tree some three days ago! Remember?

Cleophas: Just give me some time. I’m sure I’ll remember where we’ve met before. My memory rarely fails me. Or was it in Galilee? Did you attend the census there last year?

Yeshua (Exasperated): Alright, alright! Check this out, man. This will certainly jog your memory.

So Yeshua picked up some unleavened bread, and after blessing it, broke it. And immediately, Cleophas recognized him.

Cleophas: Whoa! You are Yeshua! The son of God!! Back from the dead! I would recognize that bread breaking move anywhere! It’s your signature move, Yeshua! The Left Hook Bread Breaking PowerSlam!

Yeshua rolled his eyes.


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12 thoughts on “Chronicles of YHWH 38: Bread Breaker

  1. makagutu says:

    I laughed at this


  2. themodernidiot says:

    The picture looks like a drug deal lol


  3. lexborgia says:

    lol. Those bread breaking moves are unmistakable – breaking bread at the Roxy Theatre (Beat Street)


  4. Sonel says:

    😆 Excellent as usual Joe! 😀


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