the company I keep

A beef witted lout said this of me and the company I keep

Mr Magoo is a clear a Statist utopian Progressive with all the requisite predilections towards violence. And true to all Leftists ( gays, democrats, environmentalists, Race-baitors and the rest of the Communist Circle-jerk club) his own ‘allies’ include a die-hard muslim ( calling itself “inspiredbythedivine” … while spewing hatred ).

Same cast of disreputable characters…

and we already know tildeb is a  bleeding heart militant right wing commie-pinko fascist Leftie Islamophobic meat-eating liberal atheist.

Can we each one be kind enough to describe their persona, I could then update and confirm to the halfwit that he was half correct.

Fire away

About makagutu

As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

73 thoughts on “the company I keep

  1. kcchief1 says:

    I’m an open minded deist, mak. Not sure that helps. 🙂


  2. carmen says:

    Well, I would only have agreed to the meat-eating leftist – and then, only intuitively. . . 😉


  3. Mordanicus says:

    Ex-communist, ex-neo-Nazi, moderate right-wing conservative proponent of state-capitalism. I hope that SOB will be glad with this.


  4. Tish Farrell says:

    I support kindness to the earth and its occupants, and rational thinking. That’s why I call in here. Mak makes us THINK to the roots of our brain cells – an uncomfortable state for sure; but that’s how we grow and hopefully become better humans.


    • makagutu says:

      Tish you know I didn’t know till recently it was bad company to keep. How could it be bad to be an environmentalist?


      • Tish Farrell says:

        I am astounded actually, Noel. You are a very bad man indeed. And I am a very bad woman who is just about to vote for the Green Party in our national elections. Interesting how CARING translates to hate in some people’s brains.


        • makagutu says:

          I was, to be honest, dumbfounded to be told I and my friends are disreputable characters. Everyone of them who I hold in very high opinion. Happy people with a great sense of humour and each doing their bit to enjoy life


  5. Arkenaten says:

    I like Jimi Hendrix, gardening, coffee, Fender Stratocasters & Ramirez guitars, left- handed cups, Liverpool FC, Cadbury’s Flake, and enjoy sex on any day of the week with a ‘D’ in it.


  6. john zande says:

    DAMN, it must be noisy inside this mans head!


  7. My resume, by Inspiredbythedivine1: I am a radical, foot and a half tall, weak-hard Muslim with a lightening bolt glued to my hand. I say I’m a weak-hard Muslim because I will gladly give up my deep Muslim faith the moment a christian can explain to me with hard, empirical evidence why their false god and its false book, the bible, are real and my real God, Allah, and His Real Book, The Koran, are not. I know the Koran is true and the bible false because it says so RIGHT IN THE BLOODY KORAN! If that ain’t evidence, than WTF is?? To conclude, I love christains. They taste DELICIOUS! I eat one or two every weekend. They, whilst alive, vomit out bigotry, racism, hatred, misogyny and full blown stupidity better than any species of any life form anywhere in the universe, and it’s all by CHOICE. But, on my table, they’re delicious. No one is born a christian; people choose to be christian, and they choose the evil that goes along with that. Go figure. Any way, they do taste good to a weak-hard, Muslim, cannibal, son of a bitch like me who always, and I mean ALWAYS, takes everything very seriously and never, ever injects humor into anything.
    BTW, I’m starting a Freedom From Christians bill here in the States. It will give normal humans, and weak-hard Muslims, the legal right to discriminate against christians by kicking them out of stores and off public buses, trains, and planes, even when they are in motion. It will also stipulate that christians become tattooed on their foreheads with a big-ass red cross so normal humans will know to keep their kids away from them. Hope this helps clarify who I am because, seriously, it took like, MAYBE ten minutes for me to make this shit up. $Amen$


  8. Ain't No Shrinking Violet says:

    Ha! That was a very impressive insult against you and your company, Mr. Magoo. 😀 You know you’ve gotten through (a little) to them when they start ranting like that. I only ever get called stoopid and that’s not very interesting or funny. I’ve seen tildeb’s detractors go on and on with some incredibly humorous, many-sentence flaming insults. I figure you haven’t made it as an antitheist until you get some of those.


  9. Barry says:

    Do I qualify for his jerk club?

    I’m a conservative greenie, left wing capitalist, non-theist Christian, straight LGBT supporter, male feminist, active pacifist, and an autistic chronic migraineur.


  10. fojap says:

    He thinks TACP is a Muslim! 😆

    “disreputable” – I represent that remark. 🙂


  11. I love Mr. Magoo and utopian progressives! They’re really nice people. Not only are they not “statists” by any stretch of the imagination, progressives in the extreme tend towards anarchism – the exact opposite of statism. So, this fellow doesn’t have his facts straight.

    In further revealing his obvious ignorance is his description of inspiredbythedivine1 as a “die-hard Muslim.” That’s about as absurdly ridiculous a charge as I’ve ever heard. Only an ultra right-wing conservative Christian nut job could draw that idiotic conclusion.


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