what are my everyday experiences with the religious

I probably have mentioned it before that I live in a country where the religious are everywhere. Almost everything is deferred to god. When there is bad traffic snarl-up, people are praying on twitter, when the government fails in its duties there are prayers said and those in government also pray for god to help them. I have also mentioned that there is a church right at the gate to my flat and the next church is less than 50m away. Am not kidding.

That gives you a bit of background of how religion is embedded in my society.

My friends are of two groups. I have godless friends and goddites. I meet my godless friends rarely as compared to the goddites. Hell. I work with goddites. Almost everyone in the office is a goddite except the CEO. It is common knowledge in the office am godless. It is not an issue except for those who are privately praying for me to rejoin them.

I have had a few of my friends say they are praying for me but in general, they have left it as a matter of choice which I do my best to always try and dissuade them from. And if you are wondering whether I tell them religious belief in bonkers in their face as I do on the internet, yes I do. You see am a honest guy and I don’t like to hide. I tell those in school to decide on one course of action; either you are praying to pass exams or you are studying but not both because on the final analysis, one seems to me to be redundant. It is like over reinforcing a house. You end up with redundant members.

My immediate family is an interest case. They are almost all religious. They know am irreligious. No one asks me to pray nor do they insist I join them in talking to themselves. There is a lot of respect between us.

The only group of friends that piss me off are those religious ones who tell me they have become closer to their god since they met me. How would a person become more religious by interacting with a sham smasher! And of course the church at our gate. They make so much noise on Sundays I want to burn it down.

In general though I know the great influence religion has in my society, the people around me behave in a way that isn’t far from living like there is no god. No one bothers my peace and anytime someone brings gods in discussion I make it clear am godless.

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

115 thoughts on “what are my everyday experiences with the religious

  1. I’m happy you brought up prayer and final exams. I wonder if it’s considered cheating to do that.


    • makagutu says:

      Now that you mention it, praying for exams should be banned. It is cheating

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      • nannus says:

        I think it is cheating only if the person praying really believes in god. In that case, it should be considered an act of cheating. If he or she does not believe in it, it may be allowed. So only the prayers of theists must be banned in such situations 😉


        • makagutu says:

          Nannus, you have made my morning.


          • nannus says:

            I always find it funny that people think they can get something through prayer. In their view, god works like a cigarette vending machine. You through in some coins (prayers) and out pops what you want. Of course, the creator of the universe has given them the power to influence him, they must only pray hard enough. You don’t have your mercedes benz yet? You did not pray hard enough! From an atheist’s point of view, that is some kind of stupidity. From a theist’s point of view, it is blasphemy. But many people think like that. Good as the ferry tale ferry granting you some wishes. When will people finally grow up?


  2. Mordanicus says:

    The closest church from my place, only holds a service once a month or even less.


  3. archaeopteryx1 says:

    Whenever I get, “I’ll pray for you,” I return with a big smile, “And I’ll wish in a well for you —


  4. “There is a lot of respect between us.” – And that says a great deal. It’s good that there’s no friction within the family on the subject. It’s great in fact.

    – s.u.t.Cloud


  5. Most people I know don’t care much that I’m godless. It’s the cannibalism that bugs em. Prejudice bastards! That’s what they are!


  6. john zande says:

    I wouldn’t be so fast to believe the group who say you’ve helped cement their belief. That is not a thing you would ordinarily say, so i suspect these are the people who have been most challenged. Bring them over to the dark side, Noel. Let them feast at the table of roasted babies as we make love to Satan’s daughters, and top it all off with cheesecake and some brandy.


  7. When I left Christianity, Christians left me, expect for one person, and I do consider her a friend because she was the only Christian who didn’t shun me. We talk to each other about twice a year, and have only seen each other twice in 15 years.. She was in town and came to visit me, as she lives in another state. We went out to eat and it was fine dining, which means that it’s not noisy. So, they bring our meals, and she says to me — I’d like to bless this food.

    So I was OK with that, and out of respect for her bowed my head thinking that she was going to either bless the food in a whispered voice or do a silent prayer. But no, she says it so that it can be heard in the whole section we were sitting at. But not only did she “bless” the food, she starts praying for me, asking her god to help me with a personal situation I’ve been going through, and she was descriptive. On and on she went. I was stunned and abruptly pulled my hand from hers to end the pray. Yes, they even hold hands when they pray.

    Why is it that Christians think this behavior is OK. I saw this when I was a Christian. They’d be praying for so and so and share personal information (the person wasn’t even present) that was nobody’s damn business. It boggles my mind that they don’t realize how much they inappropriately cross boundaries and seemingly all the time in the name of their religion.


  8. It’s good to hear that most of the religious people in your life respect your views. That’s pretty much true for me also, with a couple of highly frustrating exceptions.


  9. Noel, I am curious. Do you think Christians there are as radical as they are here in the US?


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