on the dead lion 2: the resurrection of Jesus

I, for the life of me, cannot understand anymore why people still believe that a guy was born of a virgin, walked on water, committed suicide by the Centurion, resurrected and then levitated to some unknown place. If he left earth, how did he reach the escape speed? Given he did this jumping in flesh and bones?

That, however, is not why am writing this post.

In Supernatural Religion, the author writes

[..]The actual occurrence of the Resurrection and ascension, however, is certainly a matter of evidence and, to retort, it is scarcely decent that any man should be required to believe what is so opposed to human experience, upon more imperfect evidence than is required for the transfer of land or the right to a title, simply because ecclesiastical dogmas are founded upon them, and it is represented that unless they be true our hope is vain.

[..] Proportionately, it should be as unparalleled in its force as those events are in fact.