on the dead lion 2: the resurrection of Jesus

I, for the life of me, cannot understand anymore why people still believe that a guy was born of a virgin, walked on water, committed suicide by the Centurion, resurrected and then levitated to some unknown place. If he left earth, how did he reach the escape speed? Given he did this jumping in flesh and bones?

That, however, is not why am writing this post.

In Supernatural Religion, the author writes

[..]The actual occurrence of the Resurrection and ascension, however, is certainly a matter of evidence and, to retort, it is scarcely decent that any man should be required to believe what is so opposed to human experience, upon more imperfect evidence than is required for the transfer of land or the right to a title, simply because ecclesiastical dogmas are founded upon them, and it is represented that unless they be true our hope is vain.

[..] Proportionately, it should be as unparalleled in its force as those events are in fact.

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27 thoughts on “on the dead lion 2: the resurrection of Jesus

  1. john zande says:

    Oh, do you realise that Jesus would have broken the sound barrier leaving earth! Is there a record of two sonic booms over Canaan in 33 CE?


    • Barry says:

      Escape velocity applies to ballistic trajectories. Theoretically it’s possible to leave earth’s gravitational pull at no more than a walking pace. If a guy can walk on water, raise the dead, feed thousands with a couple few fish and some loaves of bread, then I don’t think leaving earth at sub sonic speeds would be a problem.

      However, I see no reason why such stories can’t be put down to mythology, where is where I believe they belong.


      • makagutu says:

        Barry, you and I agree that these beliefs belong to mythology.
        Several christians pass them on as truth and as you are aware, make education and legislation elsewhere dependent on such beliefs.
        My aim is to point out we can’t be expected to accent to the claims of the bible or of any religious book for that matter, especially, when this claims are miraculous in nature, whatever miracles are conceived to be.

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    • No. But there are records of people having loud farts after eating some bad cheese back in the day. No mention of these being sonic farts, but in Matthew 14:89 it says. “Oh, and the farts did smell so badly old women went blind and children turned deaf. Beware the cheese that is green for bad it is for your colon and for those who live near you if you eat it.” I do love the NT.

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  2. That quote reminds me of a different post I found (here). The whole, “It has to be true because it makes me feel better” line is getting tiresome.


    • makagutu says:

      Sorry for my late reply. I have just seen her thread. Does she know any atheist in flesh and blood? Her post and her responses are at best asinine.

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      • She told me that she has atheist friends, but I don’t know if they’re just “nones” (basically religious people that don’t claim any affiliation) or if they actually don’t believe in deities.

        If they are out and out atheists, I hope she gets them to read her post. Maybe they can do a better job of explaining why what she wrote was in error.


  3. emmylgant says:

    Beam me up Scotty?


  4. >>> “If he left earth, how did he reach the escape speed?”

    Magic mushrooms.


  5. You’ve summarised why, for me, it’s always sounded like a crock of shit. Add in talking animals, Holy Ghosts, Holy Spirits, feeding 5000 with a couple of loaves of bread and a few fish and …


  6. I’m finding Supernatural Religion to be quite the informative read, my friend. Thanks for making me aware of it.


  7. […] Source: on the dead lion 2: the resurrection of Jesus […]


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