Further reflections

A while back when I wrote an atheist’s extraordinary evidence, the blog author to whose post I had responded to, did write a 2000 word rebuttal which I saw no need of responding to then, given he had not responded to the argument I had raised in my initial post.

I am not responding to his post but I want to add further insights to my original post.

The entire gamut of evidence the theist has for his belief is; he/she said that god said. When the theist reads the bible, they find written, thus says the lord and believe it to be so. No theist ever says the lord has told me this or that.

And this reminds me of the several times I have seen people gathered at a spot looking into the skies at something someone said they saw. Every person who comes later will swear on the graves of their grandmother that they, too, saw it. This is analogous to how the religious idea spreads.

Lastly, there are no religious/ supernatural experiences just natural/ non religious experiences but given a supernatural explanation. Just the same way, at some point, epilepsy was treated as a possession, so is similar experience given a religious/ supernatural explanation.

Have a pleasant Sunday, you all.