Nudity, Christianity and marriage among others

I had a dream about you. I was running barefoot on the beach, and you were chasing me because you were a cop, and I was naked. I couldn’t believe you tried to arrest me. What, is it a crime to run with no shoes?

Jarod Kintz

It’s the invention of clothes, not nature, that made “private parts” private.”
― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

This is a public service announcement. It may turn out all mixed up, so excuse me.

It seems to me Christian men are suffering. There is too much nudity online. And porn. What must a christian man do? Ask the holy spirit for help. I suggest they pray to their god to make sure Christians are born all dressed up.

Then we have that insane thing called National Prayer Breakfast where our corrupt MPigs and charlatans preachers meet over sumptuous breakfast to pray to their gods to help keep them safe from poor Kenyans. Some tweets about the event.

Then, here we find a person with enough intelligence to eat and nothing more. Reduces everything to tribe and nothing else. From my tweet about how useless the event is, all he sees is my tribe.

And lastly we come to the other obsession of the religious, marriage.

Doug tells us the traditional understanding of marriage is one man one woman and I must, sincerely, ask which tradition?

Ignorance of history is a bad thing. Though the bible isn’t a history book, we have in its pages concubinage, incest and prostitution. Prostitution wouldn’t have been condemned unless it was already prevalent. For the ignorant christian of today to write marriage was mortally wounded in the 20th century is to me, a display of ignorance of the facts as they stand.

That the christian is unaware of the promiscuity that was prevalent in the church until recently doesn’t surprise me. I only wished they don’t say it out loud. It is not contraceptives that is the problem. It is the religious idea that sex is sacred that means there is a lot of repressed sexual energies that is the problem.

One would ask why the bible talks about divorce, gives grounds for divorce if it wasn’t already happening?

I sympathise with the religious, I really do, but I hate to tell them that their fears have their source in ignorance. Had they been a little more enlightened, it would be obvious to them that couples would still divorce whether LGBTs had their rights to marry granted by legislation as they should have. Promiscuity will  not increase or decrease because LGBTs are not discriminated against.

Please, you goddites, work on your relationships. Don’t bother with that which doesn’t concern you.

As an introduction to a bit of history, the christian, I suggest they read this post. It is short.


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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

35 thoughts on “Nudity, Christianity and marriage among others

  1. Another well said post. Excellent and it ties in quite well with Pinks.


  2. john zande says:

    Noel, you’re just so “Cord-blind”

    What the hell is that?


  3. Doug’s blog has significant factual flaws, unlike Pink’s.

    He refers to marriage prevailing for all of human history, being mortally wounded by contraception and the sexual revolution of the mid–late C20, and talks about the ‘decriminalisation of divorce’!

    I could pick other holes but those will do. Not least of which, contraception was around before the C20. The widespread promulgation of it, particularly the pill, has ensured women are not condemned to endless childbirth and early death, and can now enjoy a sexually fulfilling life. Should women not enjoy sex? Should they merely suffer penetration for the purposes of painful childbirth? Is that what Doug envisions for women?

    And clearly Christian marriage hasn’t existed for very long at all. Nor is everyone married in a church. Plenty of us have civil weddings in register offices.

    But for all Christian men bothered by nudity, or rather, wanting to see more of it, I recommended my local nudist beach. Full of ‘hot chicks’, fat people, old people, young people, and masturbating men. For the closet gays amongst them, further up the beach we have a gay area where one can find a mate for casual sex. I think both of those options would be more satisfying than asking the holy spirit to intervene.


    • makagutu says:

      I hope the christian men bothered by nudity will be on the next flight to Gib to have their hearts desires.
      For Doug, women should be at home breeding. To him, survival of the species is the only motivation to have sex.
      Christians think they have a monopoly on everything. Soon, if they are not doing so already, they may tell us without their religion there would be no education


  4. Cara says:

    We’re born nude, all of us, Christian, jew, Hindu, atheist. On some level we associate nakedness with the innocence of a newborn baby.

    As for Internet porn, if Christian men want to truly be safe from it, they can stay off the Internet.


  5. archaeopteryx1 says:

    There is too much nudity online.” – Is there really ever such a thing as too much nudity? Is a nudist with a bandaid overdressed? So many questions, so little time —


  6. shelldigger says:

    You tell em Mak! They are too dense to listen mostly, but I like what your saying.

    Cara is of course correct. Anyone with a computer has the freedom to choose (unless we start talking free will, which makes my head hurt) where they go on the internet. So who is to blame for hitting the enter key to a porn site?

    One small caveat here. A long time back my step daughter had to do a report at school. The book? Moby Dick. Do not do an internet search for Moby Dick!


    • makagutu says:

      I don’t want your head hurting because of freewill.
      I will do an internet search for Moby Dick to satisfy my curiosity, but not tonight.
      I no longer have hope they will listen, so this is for me and my heathen buddies to have something to talk about.


    • Isn’t that also the name of an African American porn star with a particularly big wiener schnitzel?


  7. A Guy Without Boxers says:

    Another awesome publication, my friend! You’re on a roll today, buddy! A very great job, I salute you! 🙂


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