William Ruto vows to defend Kenya against homosexuality

We rarely write about local issues here. The DP has sworn to protect the country from homosexuality. He says

Homosexuality is against the plan of God, God did not create man and woman so that men would marry men and women marry women

for those of you who are unaware, what marriage god wants depends on which part of the bible you are reading. If you read somewhere in the NT, it is better to stay single, the world is ending anyway. The OT has different variations that Ruto will be hard placed to choose the correct one. I am not sure what god’s plan is on corruption, land grabbing and or crimes against humanity like massive displacement of persons. May be just as in the days of Israel and Canaan, god looks the other side.

Last I checked, this country was secular and the DP was not elected a church pastor. So to say

We have heard that in the US they have allowed gay relations and other dirty things. I want to say as a Christian leader that we will defend our country Kenya, we will stand for our faith and our country

is irresponsible. What dirty things is he talking about? The government, which he is the deputy president, is ineffective and inefficient,corrupt and is unable to get anything done. Security has deteriorated so much that security guards will soon outnumber those working in the tourism industry.

I say, tell this

No amount of persuasions, theories or philosophy will make us change our position. We believe in God, this is a God fearing nation and will continue to be so

to the dogs. What god fearing country where waste in government is the order of the day. Corruption or sleaze is the byword. Tell us something else! You believe in god, many of us don’t. And how a gay person affects your marriage is anyone’s guess.

And I find some of the comments very interesting

Sarete says

By all means let us list the “unchristian practices” and just wondering if corruption, stealing, grabbing of public land is unchristian or pro-christian.

eddyme asks

Is christianity not foreign?what a hypocrite!

Why don’t you do your job instead of worrying about gays. Why don’t you start by defending the constitution against thieves and corrupt leaders, defend primary kids from teargas throwing cops

and then of course, the bigots, idiots, the DP’s supporters

Thanks very much the VP this is leadership. I am a Ugandan I wish you present yourself for the President of East Africa Federation that is the only way we can payback.

How come you’ve done nothing to those who have come out in the open ? Once you legalize things like that, it is very unfair to arrest someone for speeding …..in fact you must do away with most laws

Great thing to see a leader stand for what he believes in.

I can safely report that 50% or more of the comments are people who think the DP should concern himself with what he swore to do. Defend the constitution, fight poverty, eradicate crime/ corruption, improve access to healthcare and education while at the same time create employment opportunities for the many unemployed Kenyans.

For the clown to pretend that gays have become an issue of national concern is to side step real issues facing the Kenyan tax payer. I assure the DP or any of his minions that no gay is after you. Sleep peacefully with your wife or wives and let others be. Spare us this nonsense. We have real issues to deal with and while at it, instead of this harambees, do something for once!

Ruto and gays

you know atheism is unattractive

By a show of hands, I would want to know those who became atheists because it was present as attractive. I will count.

This christian tells us

  • You can’t hope for a better future, it is determined

Loaded statement. Which future? A day in the near future when I am soaking in money? This I can hope for. A life after death, that doesn’t bother at all.

  • You don’t love, it is a chemical side-effect

I would be willing to let the theist tell me what love is. What is the problem with it being a chemical effect or neural effect whichever it is? Food still tastes good and it involves neural transmitters and other things that I don’t know.

  • Truth doesn’t exist

When asked what is truth, if he lived, Jesus didn’t know the answer. I am certain the atheist could have thought more about truth than the theist.

  • Neither Good nor Evil exist because there is nothing you can judge it by to determine its goodness or evil

I don’t need a standard to judge that stupid is an evil.

  • You can’t say R.I.P when a loved one dies

Why not, though it is unfortunate the person will not hear. But they are resting in peace.

  • Nothing matters, because everything is matter

Things matter because at the end, everything is matter.

  • There is no purpose beyond the purpose you pretend to have and make for yourself

It is not a pretend purpose.

The reason why theism is untenable, I submit, is because

it is not a logically justifiable position to hold.

No person with their senses intact can begin even to form an idea of an immaterial, incorporeal, eternal spirit that loves them. To believe it is purely a matter of accident and indoctrination. Any theist who argues atheism isn’t a logically justifiable position is ignorant of the meaning of logical. It is a travesty of logic to call theism, any theism logical.

Natural selection is the only game in town. The theist is free to offer different theories or disprove it. Until we have a better understanding, we shall hold it as provisionally being the best explanation there is.

If relativism means

that knowledge, truth, and morality exist in relation to culture, society, or historical context, and are not absolute.

I don’t see how one can claim it is not the case that it is a very logical position to hold. The bible still has in its pages the prohibition against suffering witches to live, but no one is killing witches anymore. If that is not example of morality existing in cultural and historical context, I don’t know which is.

Scientific theories are reworked as we get more data. Science tries to get to the best explanation of observed phenomena. As means of analysis improve so the theories. If you construe this as a weakness, you suffer from a problem of thinking that because something is ancient, it must be true.

The theist insist they have evidence for their god. We demand to see this evidence. It is not idiotic. If you have evidence, make it known.

To say

Demanding a type of evidence of an immaterial entity that can only apply to the material world, is either devious or stupid, and either way leads to a rather pointless, unwinnable argument.

is to claim to know the entity is immaterial. We want to know how you arrived at this knowledge. Is it something told to you or read in a book? Do you have any reason to believe that such an entity can possibly exist.

When a theist writes

The vigour by which atheists deny the possibility of theism rightly or wrongly makes any objective person wonder if the reason for that vehemence is based on emotional considerations rather than pure logic. And that might be the reason they lie to themselves about what they really believe.

I think it is the case that they are projecting their fears and anxieties on the atheist.

But to then write

For else how do you explain the fact that their system of faith PRECLUDES the ability to know the truth, but they will still claim it as truth and deny the opposite as a lie?

is for me the height of stupidity. One can’t go below this even if they tried.

Enjoy your week everyone.