what did they think

about sperms?

Archelaus the physician said that both men and beasts were made of lacteous slime, expressed by the heat of the earth

Pythagoras that our seed is the foam or cream of our better blood

Plato that it is the distillation of the marrow of the backbone

Alcmeon[?] that it is part of the substance of the brain

Democritus that it is a substance extracted from the whole mass of the body

Epicurus an extract from soul and body

Aristotle an excrement drawn from the aliment of the blood.

And our dear Montaigne that women go 11 months with child!

Have a spermy Sunday one and all. With love

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40 thoughts on “what did they think

  1. Cumtastic post! But, yuck.


  2. *sonmi prepares to lower the tone several degrees*

    “I sit down with my daughter and I said, ‘Do you know how babies get here?’ And she said, ‘Well, the lady has an egg inside of her, and the man has sperm inside of him, and the sperm meets the egg, and that’s how the lady gets pregnant.’ And I said, ‘Do you know how the sperm meets the egg?’ She said, ‘Does the man pee on the woman?’ I said, ‘Sometimes, but that’s $35 extra.” – Robert Schimmel quotes

    Let’s all sing along folks;

    – sonmi waving good morning/afternoon/evening to mak from upon the Cloud


  3. Lol “spermy Sunday” 😜😆 I suppose more fun than “sacred Sunday” 😉😄


  4. tildeb says:

    Ha. Great quotes. And a lesson…

    Those quotes are a perfect example of metaphysics in action: pseudo-answers based on premises assumed to be true presented as logical conclusions… as if those conclusions were derived from reality when, in fact, they were derived only from attribution, assumption, and assertion disconnected from reality they purport to describe.

    And that’s why metaphysics as a method of justification for some ‘conclusion’ doesn’t do the job. The kind of argument that relies on metaphysics to support to some claim about reality does not produce knowledge about it; it produces only a pseudo-answer with the all the work still before it. In most cases it produces a repackaged assertion in logical form and tries to sell it as if equivalent to knowledge… as ‘another way of knowing’. And where do we find this method most commonly used?



    • makagutu says:

      And these quotes are from sages and philosophers. Then you have goddites telling you to take the tales of fishermen and goat herders as truth, absolute truth. That your life in the hereafter depends on believing that an ass talked or fishes were used for transport.


  5. One thing we can be sure of is that there will never be a lack of thoughts coming forth. Happy Sunday. 🙂


  6. In the seventeenth century, it was held by some that inside a human sperm there was a minute human being – a homunculus – that was planted inside the womb. Development consisted of the miniature homunculus enlarging and passing through birth and on to maturity-just like inflating a balloon.
    ~ John Tyler Bonner

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  7. Swim on little one. Swim on.


  8. FACT:
    Male sperm (Y) swim faster and die sooner than female sperm (X), because female sperm contain heavier genetic material, which slows them down but allows them to live longer.

    Males with longer penises tend to produce more male offspring because they deposit the sperm closer to the egg and Y sperm cells win the “sprint.” Males with shorter penises tend to have more female offspring because sperm is deposited further from the egg, Y sperm die off thus allowing X sperm to win the “marathon.”

    Look at your family. This tells you whether or not your father had a big



  9. shelldigger says:

    It’s crazy the level of wrong from our dear deep thinkers. They did well in other areas though.


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