Every generation thinks the generation after them is immoral

I couldn’t have chosen a better title for this post, so we will make do with the above. In his post, glorifying sex, alcohol and drugs Aloo wants to portray a picture of decadence of morals among the present generation school going children.

He tells us, in his own words

As I join everybody else in condemning the behavior of the students in question and their lackluster approach to life, I must point out that there was nothing shocking about the incident because ours is a rotten society. [emphasis by me]

How is the society rotten? Is it because school girls and boys were having sex, doing drugs or because they were found doing this? Whilst I don’t urge drug use among adolescent you, blanket condemnation of society as being in a state of decay maybe because there is so much sex is in my view hypocritical.

Our interlocutor goes ahead to claim, unashamedly, that

What you have to understand is that the society is affected by reckless (allow me to use this word again) sexual behavior of young people. This is reflected in the rate at which sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS is spreading across the nation.

And when pointed to statistics from the ministry of health about which demographic leads in the spread of HIV/AIDS, he brushes it off with a slight of hand because it doesn’t fit into his scheme of propaganda. He blames everyone else of sugaring their stories with sex tales to sell while he does the same while ignoring facts. One wonders what his goals are. Is it to demonize the unlucky students who were unlucky or to offer guidance in how to solve the problem.

Before you start demonize yours truly for promoting loose morals; lets not pretend that our generations were far better than the current breed of children. We may not have been caught in buses during school holidays not because we were paragons of virtue, far from it. It could be because we didn’t attend school far from home and did not have access to drugs.

End of rant.


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85 thoughts on “Every generation thinks the generation after them is immoral

  1. the whole generation bs is so tiring. The part I hate most is that somehow the generation that fought WWII is somehow superwonderful, when the truth is that they did all they could not to have to get into the war at all.

    I’ve had this “this generation is corrupt” thrown at me repeatedly, especially when there’s a school shooting here. Funny how these jackasses don’t realize that people have been shooting up schools for quite some time and prayer in schools didn’t help a bit.


  2. shelldigger says:

    People like that rarely let the truth get in the way of a good lie.


  3. Forty years ago, a lot of my friends were drinking alcohol in pubs at age 14 (legal limit 18), some were smoking dope, others were having under-age sex (legal age for girls 16) and the majority were having sex once past 16. One girl got pregnant, 15/16? But most were sensible enough to use contraception. My two grandmothers got married when they were pregnant and they were born in the 19th century for goodness sake!

    Why does anyone think sex drugs and alcohol are new? Or that young people don’t try them out?


  4. hiramcrespo says:

    A liberty-loving society solves this with comprehensive sexual education. Not with slut-shaming.


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