31 thoughts on “there is rapture

  1. Is this a christian website with comics? The individual comics aren’t very good, informative, or funny. I honestly am not getting their point. Could just be me being stupid, which is usually the case, but I feel like I’m missing something here.

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  2. My mind has been blown, Mak. Good job.


  3. Hariod Brawn says:

    You don’t appreciate theoretical physics OM? I think I must be missing something . . . o_O


  4. In line with these cult fundamentalists I discovered another group by accident- on a bumper sticker I saw “11:59” and “are you ready” then this website: http://www.openyoureyespeople.com
    I promise you will laugh- I did. People really buy into this apocalyptic shit- and don’t forget to donate to this lady- she is preparing you for the end of the world after all lmao

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  5. emmylgant says:

    I’m standing right next to IBTD1 feeling the same way… :-/


  6. troynbr2 says:

    I actually felt bad for the people who went out to stand on a rock in Pennsylvania for the Millennium rapture. Imagine their shame walking home again in the morning.


  7. fojap says:

    I’m sure everyone here has seen this before, but… Post-Rapture Pet Care.

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  8. […] did a prior post as a whimsical take on the rapture after I read this post by Mak. It highlights one problem with thinking about the end of the world. Since talking about the […]


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