comments that leave me banging my head on the wall

A guy writes, emphasis by yours truly

Almost all Christians believe that Jesus(pbuh) died for their sins and they wont be held accountable for their sins. In Islam Jesus(pbuh) is one of the prophets of God. Ever since the beginning of time, God sent prophets/messengers on this earth to guide mankind how to live. Adam, Noah, Moses , Jesus and Mohammed (peace be upon them all) were prophets of God. When God created Adam He taught him how to speak and the names of everything just like a mother would teach her one year old. Quran is a book of wisdom. It makes you understand the reason of the creation of the world and universe. The most wisest of men are not scientists or phd holders but those that read and understood the Quran.

And you ask yourself whether such people walk among us. As I told a good friend, men who wrote religious books, because, truth be told, they must have been men, were a blot to the human race.

I am not saying PhDs are wise, look at WLC, he is a PhD holder right? but the things that come out of his mouth are abhorrent to any thinking person. But to dismiss all PhDs and elevate only those who have a 1400yr old book to be wise is a lack of seriousness on the part of the author. One day men and women will ask themselves how they believed such nonsense for so long. I hope that day comes in my lifetime.