comments that leave me banging my head on the wall

A guy writes, emphasis by yours truly

Almost all Christians believe that Jesus(pbuh) died for their sins and they wont be held accountable for their sins. In Islam Jesus(pbuh) is one of the prophets of God. Ever since the beginning of time, God sent prophets/messengers on this earth to guide mankind how to live. Adam, Noah, Moses , Jesus and Mohammed (peace be upon them all) were prophets of God. When God created Adam He taught him how to speak and the names of everything just like a mother would teach her one year old. Quran is a book of wisdom. It makes you understand the reason of the creation of the world and universe. The most wisest of men are not scientists or phd holders but those that read and understood the Quran.

And you ask yourself whether such people walk among us. As I told a good friend, men who wrote religious books, because, truth be told, they must have been men, were a blot to the human race.

I am not saying PhDs are wise, look at WLC, he is a PhD holder right? but the things that come out of his mouth are abhorrent to any thinking person. But to dismiss all PhDs and elevate only those who have a 1400yr old book to be wise is a lack of seriousness on the part of the author. One day men and women will ask themselves how they believed such nonsense for so long. I hope that day comes in my lifetime.

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45 thoughts on “comments that leave me banging my head on the wall

  1. orwell1627 says:

    His comments are perhaps the strangest comments that I have ever received. Your reaction is the same reaction that I had. There is very little that we can teach people like him. They simply refuse to listen. But there is very much that we can learn from them – e.g. that people are prone to superstition, that people yearn for meaning, that people irrationally cling to ideologies that claim to know the Truth, etc.

    By the way, great blog!


  2. john zande says:

    Muslim apologists truly are children. You simply can’t debate with someone that juvenile in their thinking.


    • makagutu says:

      Muslim apologists and Bruce are similar. They will quote the Koran till kingdom come and think they have made a valid argument

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      • Peter says:

        You have nailed it with that observation.

        The point I try to make to such folk is that if the testable claims in such books (i.e. world wide flood) can be shown to be false, then it would be wise to doubt the untestable claims. But my strike rate with this argument seem to be nil so far.

        What I have learnt is that belief is based on emotion not reason.


  3. Now, THIS is my kinda comment! It completely trashes christianity with its basic premise, which is: Quran right, New Testament wrong. LOVE IT!!! Such comments show the utter idiocy of religious belief. In order for one book to be “right” all others must be wrong. Conclusion, all religious books are childish tripe that need to be discarded in favor of common sense and reason. $Amen$

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  4. Jon Darby says:

    read it.
    understand it.
    not impressed.


  5. nannus says:

    It looks like some people just want to be stupid. It makes life simple and easy. You are not held accountable for your sins (Jesus pbuh is taking care of that), you don’t have to make much effort to become wise (reading one book is sufficient. You can remain lazy in your head. Pbuh who writes such nonsense. He will need that peace because in those areas where many think like that, there IS war.


  6. nannus says:

    And better don’t bang your head on the wall, that is not healthy.

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    • It’s not? Well, then, I guess that would explain why I always have a headache. Go figure.


    • makagutu says:

      I will stop.
      Hope you have been well.
      There was a time you wrote stories from space or something close. I loved them. Why did you stop?


      • nannus says:

        I am happy you liked them. I am writing those only from time to time, when a topic presents itself for it. I don’t want to force it. Initially, I published them in higher frequency because I had written some of them earlyer and published them on an earlier blog. I am going to write some more but it might take time. Actually, I do not have as much time at the moment as I would like to have.


  7. KIA says:

    All cannot be right and contradictory, but all can be wrong with no problems at all. Paraphrase of a comment i once heard from ‘Sir’ Christopher Hitchens (pbuh) 😉

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  8. I’ve always wondered about the “praise be unto” or “peace be unto” nonsense. If these characters need prayed for, then the rest of us are SOL. And if they want to be prayed for, then they are sad little things that need worship and can’t exist with out it.

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  9. emmylgant says:

    Hey Noel! Do you hear a banging next to you? Yeah. It’s me banging my head against the wall with you! Really!


  10. ladysighs says:

    You hope that day comes in your lifetime? Are you planning to live as old as Methuselah?


  11. […] Source: comments that leave me banging my head on the wall […]


  12. jp says:

    Funny looking at people arguing over such matters. Everybody has a little truth in what they say but all miss the mark. The problem is to pigeon-hole yourself into one line of thought generally requires the dismissal of relevant facts from others.

    Someone commented on the flood for instance but would be well advised to cite another example. There are global accounts of such a deluge mostly from around 3000 BC but rather than being sent by God to punish man, it was sent by the melt-down from the ice age the planet was just coming out of.

    Until religion and science can put their heads together the answer will remain elusive. Whether there is/was a God (aliens) or not nobody can prove nor disprove, but in circumspect defence of religion, there is so weird crap going on that science cannot explain.


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