some people and their guns

There has been a lot of talk about gun violence on the net and especially about its incidences in the US of A. Lawyers have written on it, gun lobbyists have written on it and even people who sound reasonable have added their voice to the debate. I know I am not adding anything new to the debate.

But when I read a comment such as

I hope you will also stop driving as that is responsible for the deaths of 90 people per day. At the very least you should refuse to drive over 55 mph. If only the government would lower the speed limit many lives and carbon emissions could be saved. Obama should politicize that issue and call all the families of the people who die in car wrecks. He could even show up in their town and pretend to cry or whatever.


If you weren’t cowering in your home in fear of the illegitimate Kenyan Muslim President coming to take your guns away you really were not part of “gun culture.” If you weren’t walking around the dangerous streets of downtown suburbia with your piece strapped to your waist, you were not part of gun culture.

It’s perfectly reasonable to own a gun or two for self-defense or sporting purposes, or to collect antique guns as a historical interest. That doesn’t make you part of the gun problem in this country. If you are happier now great, but a normal rationale adult giving up a couple of guns is not progress against the paranoid, delusional, conservatives currently controlling the gun debate at a legislative level.


Today I went down to the local police station, and I led them out to my car and showed them the cooler in the back with my Budweisers on ice.

“I saw a wreck on the way to the lake,” I explained to the officer. “And I feel responsible. It was horrible — mangled vehicles and glass everywhere. A helicopter landed to take away a little girl. It was heart-breaking. I saw the coroner show up and of course I knew what that means. So, please, please take these beers. I was going to drink them while I fished.”

“Hey,” the officer asked, “was that the wreck down on Smith Road. A black truck and a green SUV?”

“Yes. The black truck hit the SUV. I suspect there was alcohol involved.”

“Nope. That SUV ran the stop sign. She was on her phone — texting.”


“So, really, you should turn in that nice I-Phone you have there because, in reality, it was the phone’s fault not your beer.”

“My I-Phone? Well, uh, well, you know I wasn’t texting. Or calling. Or dialing a number.”

“Yes, but you’re trying to be sanctimonious. And you need to be accurate while you’re being sanctimonious. So, hand it over.”

“Uh, well, take the beers instead.”

And there are a lot more like these, I am convinced part of the reason the Americans are not going to solve this problem is because a lot of the noise is being made by stupid fucks.

Who designs a car with the intention of decimating as many people as possible, quickly and easily? Only a stupid person brings up such a silly argument.

I have also read those who claim that liberals are applying a double standard in gun rights issue. That we fight for rights such as LGBT rights, rights of women to have access to abortion if they need, right to assisted suicide so on but argue strongly against owning guns and ammunition. I don’t think this deserves an answer.

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70 thoughts on “some people and their guns

  1. Bang! Bang! And Gawd bless America! Bang!

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  2. ladysighs says:

    I do agree with the part about the stupid fucks. Will add dumb to the description.

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  3. This – “I am convinced part of the reason the Americans are not going to solve this problem is because a lot of the noise is being made by stupid fucks.” – is succinct and spot on. The whole post is actually. Well written and concise. The comparisons made are absurd.

    – sonmi nodding upon the Cloud

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  4. john zande says:

    After Sandy Hook, and the total refusal to do anything about weapons of mass destruction being in the hands of citizens, I’ve given up caring about America and its fields of gun victims.

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    • So have I, and I live here.

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      • john zande says:

        Seriously, Australia acted after 35 adults were killed in Port Arthur, 1996. Total gun ban/buy-back funded by a one-off tax. The US does nothing after 20 little kids (most aged 6) were gunned down. If you’re not moved to action by the killing of kids then you’re lost.

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      • john zande says:

        Let me just clarify, I know most Americans wanted action. How could they not.

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        • We do, but the fuckin’ NRA is SO rich and powerful nothing changes. And let’s be clear, though the 2nd Amendment doesn’t specify which arms we’ve the right to keep and bear, this argument is over hand guns. No one would think owning nukes in your basement was a good idea, but hand guns are just that, HAND guns. They’re held, caressed, loved, and fire off like an aroused dick when stroked. The gun argument in America is an argument over the right to be god by carrying and holding an extension of his cock in your hand when you strut about. It makes many feel safe; invulnerable, god-like. But, guns, whose sole function is to kill, are not safe. As America has repeatedly shown the world, nothing at all is safe when it comes to guns.

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          • john zande says:

            That should a billboard, planted right across the US.

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            • It should be, and it’s absolutely true. I’ve known a few gun owners and NRA members in my time, and to a person, women included, they act as if their guns are the cock of god making them almighty. They don’t. They kill people, and, in most cases, innocent people.

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          • fojap says:

            This is mostly a response to you comment below. I know, perhaps, one gun owner and he’s not an NRA member. He keeps the guns for hunting, not self-defense.

            One think the internet has taught me is how different regions of the U.S. are. New Jersey, last I looked which was probably a couple of years ago, had the lowest rate of gun ownership. It’s also one of the least religious.

            There are days that, culturally, I feel like a live in a country known as “Greater New York.”


            • Yeah. I’m not really referring to hunters. Surprisingly, if all guns were banned tomorrow, I doubt “hunters” would starve. Private ownership of firearms is, in general, a bad idea. I know a few “hunters” too. The dick analogy works for them as well. A gun makes one feel powerful. Strong. Almighty. I’ve seen nothing to convince me of the necessity of owning firearms other than the feelings I’ve described above. Simply isn’t necessary. The bad out weighs the good, IMO. Nothing will change on this matter. That’s very clear to me. Nothing. And kids and innocent people will continue to be slaughtered because the right to extend one’s dick through one’s arm is far more important to Americans than the lives of their children. If I were Jeebus, I’d make the next ten suicidal maniacs who want to shoot up a school or a church instead shoot up NRA meetings and gun shops. Maybe, just maybe, then the eyes of the almighty gun owners will open. Maybe, but I deeply, sincerely doubt it. It’s very hard to give up feeling like god. $Amen$ (This message was brought to you by Christians Against Gays And For Guns. Contributions to our cause can be made online at christiansagainstgays& Thank you).


    • makagutu says:

      It’s this second amendment I hear. They must have their guns


      • john zande says:

        Amendments are amendments… they’re there to be changed. It is an “amendment” after all.


        • fojap says:

          The first twelve are “The Bill of Rights” and it’s a bigger deal to change them. I’m not really sure I want to go there. It’s a little bit like “crossing the Rubicon.” Once that barrier is broken, you can be sure the people who will disagree with you will take advantage of it too, it not today, then tomorrow.

          Anyway, the government is withing its rights to regulate gun ownership. The second amendment would only prevent a total confiscation.

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  5. Guns are made for killing. What more needs to be said?

    OK, well for people with tiny egos and paranoia it’s great to hunt animals, and keep that gun under the pillow because of the big bad intruder, then, there’s the need to conceal to carry because everyone in the street is going to kill you.

    Basically, friend, I find it fucking loopy.

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    • makagutu says:

      I, too, find it effing crazy. If it was an argument by a loony I would listen to them but when a whole segment of a population is making it, those guys are fucked


  6. Cara says:

    Well I’m not an elected official or a lobbyist or a Kenyan Muslim come to take anything away from anybody else. I’m a PERSON, that’s all. Yeah, there’s been instances of gun violence in the USA, that is a fact. BUT, just like not everyone who owns an iPhone is guilty of texting while driving, just like not everyone who has a cooler of beers in the back is not guilty of drunk driving, not every gun owner is guilty of mass shooting. I’m not saying we should all be gun nuts like the President of the NRA, I’m not saying we should throw all the guns in the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean.


  7. Ron says:

    What gun proponents keep forgetting is that the 2nd Amendment was written when pistols, muskets and long rifles were the only weapons available. Had the framers of the constitution envisaged the arsenal of high-tech weapons to come the text probably would have been a bit more restrictive.

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  8. exrelayman says:

    A bit of a tangent relating to material quoted in post: There truly is a cost in human fatalities and injuries for having faster speed limits. We like our speed though! Few actually think this through.

    Interesting read more relevant to post topic here:

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  9. fojap says:

    First of all, when people make the car comparison I tell them that they have an excellent point and most of us are not nearly as afraid of cars as we should be. I DO drive slowly and carefully and, frankly, avoid driving. I’d rather take the train from New York to Baltimore to visit my sister than to dive. My mother prefers to drive and we have annual Christmas arguments about this.

    Secondly, if anyone starts talking about our Illegitamate Kenyan Marxist Fascist Muslim President, I pretty much know that you have someone who is either crazy or doesn’t care much for truth. It’s within reason to dislike the President’s policies because his politics are different from yours, but the rest of that stuff is just fabrication. I don’t know who worries me more, the people who know it’s a fabrication and say it anyway or the people who believe it.

    Personally, I think we should treat guns as a public health issue. I’m not really as concerned about getting rid of them as some people are. I’m also not as concerned about the mass shootings. The incident that started me paying attention to the gun issue occurred, ironically, right before Sandy Hook. A football player, Jovan Belcher, shot and killed himself and then his girlfriend. The fact that he had a gun on hand for no apparent reason puzzled me. Because of that incident, I began to realize that people don’t store their guns properly. Very few people need guns for self-defense.

    Just the other day a woman was shot by a child, a two year old, who found a gun in the pouch behind the seat of the car they were riding in.

    Having a gun lying around shouldn’t be seen as normal and it accounts for a lot of accidental shootings as well as “heat of them moment” shootings like Belcher’s.

    I support gun control legislation. I’d support O’Malley in the Democratic primary, but I seem to be the only one. Still, we can tackle it from a public saftey issue with a massive awareness campaign. This is mainly a problem in poor African American communities, by the way. A lot of people who live in dangerous neighborhoods buy guns thinking they need them for self-defense. Then Black Panthers popularized the idea of African Americans owning guns.

    One part of gun control legislation I don’t support is longer sentences for illegal gun posession. There is already too big a problem with incarcerated young black men. That would definitely add to that. People talk about “mass incarceration” as if it was intentional, but it’s the result of lots of little measures like that. My sister works with a lot of people who have criminal records and for many of them gun possession is the sole charge.

    Again, we need to approach it from an education perspective. Let the young men know that they probably don’t need that gun. If they do have one, they should store it properly. However, that will be a hard sell with the current calls to reduce policing in those very same areas and the resulting increase in crime.

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  10. Maybe if guns fired stinky farts rather than bullets fewer people would want to own one? A well timed fart can be pretty debilitating yet no where lethal as a bullet.

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  11. kevinwilliampalmer says:

    Every time there is an instance of a mass shooting, frequent as they may be, the same arguments come up every time – bar one difference, the number of deaths increases.

    When these instances include multiple executions of children among them, one must conclude there is no atrocity that will sway opinion. It is a price they are willing to pay, to keep their precious guns.

    Such costs of innocent human life, can only be acceptable by the most despicable of our species.

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