what a pointless existence

if John Baker is to believed is the life of the godless. Because of limited intelligence he is unable to see how others can find fulfillment in a life without gods. Because a person believes that at the grave, all this ends, such a person should not love, laugh, draw or enjoy music. Life is only grand if you will live past the grave. Don’t help others, they will die and that shall be forgotten all this ignoring the other very clear point that helping someone makes their life here bearable and sometimes, just sometimes, dignified. How does the promise of a heaven with gold do to the life of a poor person here apart from filling them with false hopes?

His next qualm is that people are not getting indoctrinated enough. They also don’t get to hate enough gays. He writes

be another reminder to parents to be diligent in training their children to stand uncompromisingly on the Word of God and in equipping them to defend the Christian faith

which in intelligent speak is parents should indoctrinate their children and do it well they never get to reason out of stupidity superstition.

Caroline tells us naturalists are incapable of love. She writes

It would mean the depths of emotion that consume a man’s thoughts of his beloved and drive him to do anything for her, or the lengths a mother will go to care for and protect her child are merely the outworking of chemical reactions in the brain. Nothing more. It would mean that the supreme goodness we attach to the concept of real love doesn’t stick. In the survival of the fittest, why should a quality that seeks another’s good be preferable to selfishness?

At least the naturalist grounds love in the workings of the brain. She on the other hand grounds it in a superstitious, transcendent other. Why is the naturalists idea treated with so much disdain? Is it because it is logical and reasonable?

And it seems to me she hasn’t read much on the subject either, because then she wouldn’t write

I believe we all, consciously or subconsciously, recognize the transcendent nature of love. And I believe this points to the existence of a loving, transcendent God.

because this entry in SEP, would show her statement to be wrong. And no, it doesn’t follow that because a feeling is irrational it points to god. That, my friends, is bad reasoning.

Her conclusion that

Love. We can’t even comprehend it in its fullness. And we can’t reduce it to a material reality. It transcends time, and space, and matter. It is spiritual. It is of God.

unfortunately tells us really nothing.


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76 thoughts on “what a pointless existence

  1. Thank goodness there are christians like these to set me right. Jeez! I almost wasted my days thinking that their particular take on their particular invisible dude wasn’t true. But, with such outstanding arguments as the ones they present, who can NOT see how true their particular take on their particular god is? Also, believing in their particular take on their particular god proves all other takes on all other particular gods are wrong, and how can that not be a positive, bright, cheerful thing? Oh, being convinced their particular take on their particular god also allows them to hate gays. If that doesn’t swell your heart with love and joy, then you truly must be dead inside. $Amen$

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  2. Tish Farrell says:

    This is all balmy. Why can’t you love something magnificently and truly without believing a god was responsible for creating it. Having just written a post that mentions slavery, I can only say that some of the irredemiably cruelest and most wicked violations committed by one set of humans on another set of humans was perpetrated by people who smugly considered themselves Christians, and believed those they abused inferior beings, and therefore deserving of slavery.

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  3. John says:

    Two things: I did not write the article, Ken Ham the Head of Answers in Genesis wrote the article, you may want to review that the article is a linked article, and change who you are attributing this article to.

    Secondly I believe you missed the point of the article, and that is: unless you have a basis/cause/origin for reason and logic, which Atheism does not, then there is no point in having reason and logic in life! And to be more precise there is no ability to have any kind of coherent thoughts, actions etc.


    • makagutu says:

      you wrote the commentary at the end asking your readers to either buy or read some books, in agreement with what Ken Ham wrote.
      Unless you didn’t read my post or are daft, atheism is a lack of belief in deities. That deities exist or not tells us nothing about holding a coherent thought which, while you are a believer in gods, you seem to lack

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    • Ron says:

      1. Atheism addresses only one proposition: belief in the existence of deities. Nothing more, nothing less.

      2. Logic and reason are cognitive tools used to process information and navigate life.

      How does the first invalidate or undermine the second?

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    • Please do show the reason and logic that indicates that the god you worship, not some vague nonsense that could apply to any god, exists.

      The reason and logic that supports the conclusion of atheism (no need to capitalize it) is that there is no evidence for the existence of your god nor for the supposed events in a book claimed to be a true account of the past e.g. the Bible. There is plenty of evidence that other things entirely happened, not what the bible claims. For example, Christians can’t agree on when the Noah flood happened, and for every date they do claim, no evidence can be found for this supposed occurrence.

      Now, I am guessing that you do not believe the claims of other religions than your own. Why don’t you believe them? Is it because they have no evidence to support their claims? If this is so, why do you assume I should believe your similar claims?

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  4. Mystro says:

    No no, it all makes sense! Likewise, oceans prove that Poseidon is real. A naturalistic view would reduce them to merely large puddles of salt water, nothing more. It would mean all of their majesty and power we have seen in the ocean wouldn’t stick.

    Oceans. We can’t even comprehend them in their fullness. And we can’t reduce them to a material reality. They transcends time, and space, and matter. They are spiritual. Oceans are of Poseidon!


  5. John says:

    To makagutu:

    Read the article AGAIN! Ken Ham is referencing the original interview with Bart Campolo, and it is Ken Ham who asks readers to either buy or read some books, in agreement with what he wrote.

    Also it is the highest form of self blindness to say that Atheism is the sole Intellectual approach to understanding the Universe! Because when you get down to the basic core of Atheism, its definition is that there is no reason for anything! All is purposeless Chaos! And if that is so then nothing has ANY meaning at all including any kind of rational argument that an Atheist puts forward!

    For an Atheist to put forward a rational argument means that the Atheist has to borrow concepts from non-Atheist ideologies.


    • makagutu says:

      For an idjit to put up a rational argument, he must borrow from rational people

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    • Ron says:

      What purpose and meaning does theism provide?

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    • Mystro says:

      “Atheism, its definition is that there is no reason for anything! All is purposeless Chaos!”

      No, Atheism’s definition is that there is no belief in a god or gods. It has nothing to do with purpose at all. Personally, though this is my view and not necessarily that of any other atheist, I think that no god(s) leads to a pretty awesome idea about purpose and meaning.

      We are the creators of meaning. We get to decide what is important, what ought to be done, and whether we will actually do it. This colossal power of actualizing purpose that you would attribute to some god is actually within each one of us. How cool is that? Just by being alive we are, by your definition, divine. Of course, being the source of all purpose and meaning is a big responsibility. That’s why we must work together to actualize the best purpose we can, refining it through the ages.

      Your position of god-made-purpose robs humanity of any possibility for improvement or contribution. We’re either good cogs in line with god’s plan or bad cogs out of line. How dreary and demeaning to only exist for something else’s purpose. Fortunately, there is nothing to suggest that there is a god or gods, so we can be active in the creation of purpose, we can excel as crafters of meaning, and we can truly be masters of our own destiny.

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  6. KEN HAM!!! I’m SOLD!!! Who can argue with the intellect of someone thinking the universe is only 6000 years old?! Really, who? Man, this makes hating gays all that much more correct, and fun. Who wouldn’t want to be a christian with such love and intellectual brilliance beaming out of them? WHO? As a matter of fact, I’m swearing off my cannibalistic tendencies for 2 whole days in honor of Ken (DA MAN) Ham, a 6000 year old earth, and the evil of gays. Christianity, what would we do with out ye?


  7. carmen says:

    I started reading the post and, once I got to ‘Answers in Genesis’ I took the rest of it with a grain of salt. Ditto to ‘Inspired’s comment at 19:56 – anyone who takes ANYTHING relevant and intelligent from anything the Hamster has to say is just like him – deluded, close-minded and as far as one can get from rational. Good thing they all stick together.

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  8. shelldigger says:

    Oh my gosh what an ass backwards moron. What is it about the deluded that makes them so damn, sickeningly smug? He just knows he knows it all, knows he is right, and knows he is certainly better and smarter than any atheist. John, you and those like you are possibly the most disgusting life form that scuttles across this planet.

    You know nothing beyond your indoctrination. You have no basis for any argument you have if all you are going on is what Hambone or your reverend tells you. You have been lied to. Conned. Hoodwinked. I’d tell you to get a grip, look at reality, but I already know you are buried under so much dogma and superstition you can not see reality if it bites you in the ass. The only thing any of you idjits have to go on is “I believe it because I was told it is true.” Then you look around and all of your pals believe the same shit, so it must be true. Nothing you think you know or believe is based in reality. You can’t see that can you?

    The atheist enjoys life BETTER, than any brainwashed religiot. We know what happens when we die. We die. Knowing that means we live. We live to enjoy life as much as we can without taking advantage of anyone. We love our kids and our family, even if some of them are religiots, because they are family. We can see this universe doesn’t give a damn if we live or die, and that it is a struggle to stay alive. We have no fear of the monster in the closet, because there is no monster in the closet. We have no gods to kowtow to, because none have been shown to exist, save for in the minds of idiots. We don’t grovel, and beg for forgiveness for shit we haven’t done. We don’t say “Ill pray for you” when someone has a problem, we roll up our sleeves and get dirty actually doing something to help. We don’t think that paying good money for an afterlife insurance policy (that no one can verify gets paid) to some jack ass who claims to know your god, is worth our time. Atheist are all of this and a damn sight more. You don’t have a fucking clue what an atheist is or does, because you are too damned simple minded to see past your bronze age scribbles from a bunch of goat herders trying to make sense of the world. Yeah, you are so fucking smart.

    Damn these people get my dander up.

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      • shelldigger says:

        I almost feel bad for writing that now, it’s just when I see some smug condesending asshat that ain’t got a clue what the hell they are spouting off about, it rubs me the wrong way.

        It is darn near a daily topic somewhere where some dingbat has to go on some ill informed opinion piece, on how an atheist has such a dreadful, boring, and miserable life. Then they are doomed to hell, blah blah blah, bible verse, bible verse, followed by more stupid condescending nonsense. All this based on belief, from a fucking work of fiction…

        Some days you got to swat flies.


        • Indeed. Believe it or not, and it is hard to believe, I know, I’ve occasionally let fly with a swear-word laden rant on topics like this. Ya just gotta from time to time. I’m sick of “love-filled” christian a-holes telling me I’m incapable of love and joy because I don’t kiss the ass of their particular invisible, fictional deity. Arrogant, vile human beings is what they are. They’re worse than skin cancer. Skin cancer you can get rid of. These self-righteous arrogant vile bastards are like a fart that doesn’t dissipate. No matter how hard you wave your hand at em, the smell just seems to worsen.


        • makagutu says:

          You ought not to feel bad at all.
          Stupid rubs me the wrong way too


    • makagutu says:

      I don’t think he has the sense to understand he has been lied to. That such people live among us is very disturbing


      • shelldigger says:

        That’s the thing, they build entire mountains of pretend knowledge based upon absolutely nothing, and have the audacity to act like they are superior intellects.

        “We are right and we know we are right, because our knowledge of nothing exceeds yours.”

        Someone needs to point this little problem out to them.


  9. john zande says:

    Love refines suffering.


  10. shelldigger says:

    I must be an angry atheist. Right? I am not angry. I am stupid intolerant!


  11. the first author is an example of the Christian desire to ignore the problems of this world, excusing their and their god’s inaction by promising that the “next” will be so much better.

    The second is quite a twit. We get the argument from personal incredulity. We get a failed argument that parents love children because of her god,and that’s quite a failure considering the fact that parents kill their children with unfortunate frequency. And she wants to claim that everyone really does agree with her, a wonderful example of creating the external validation that doesn’t actually exist, to convince herself she is right.


    • makagutu says:

      Club, it is like imagining that the boss who doesn’t pay you well now will increase your salary tenfold in heaven. How naive are Christians?
      Caroline is a special case. She ignores the many times parents have killed their children, chased them out of their homes and so on


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