for a good cause

October is breast cancer awareness month. Yesterday, a few of my friends on two wheels and I went cycling as part of the awareness campaign.

time to be entertained by Sarakasi dancers

time to be entertained by Sarakasi dancers

the team getting road for a morning ride for a good cause

the team getting road for a morning ride for a good cause

i can't recall why we stopped

i can’t recall why we stopped

maybe it was to eat bananas, the cyclist's favourite energy food

maybe it was to eat bananas, the cyclist’s favourite energy food

And today Nairobi was coloured blue by athletes participating in the Nairobi Stanchart Marathon whose theme is every child deserves to see.

credit to

somewhere in that multitude, I can be seen

photo fromย sports news africa

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24 thoughts on “for a good cause

  1. ladysighs says:

    I tried to find you in the picture, but alas………. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Great to see so many riding to help others. ๐Ÿ™‚
    My son has run in many marathons for a good cause. I get on my stationary bike and peddle for a good cause. (me).


  2. Good for you helping such good causes, my friend.


  3. Cara says:

    Well I didn’t go cycling. I did, however, drag my 70 year old mother (against her will, I might add) to get a mammogram. I had one as well, and this is important because my maternal grandmother died of cancer that started in her breasts. My mother had been good about getting regular mammograms (and pap smears) up until she went through menopause (or as she calls it, “the change”), at which point she stopped going for regular mammograms & pap smears. When I was an active alcoholic, I neglected my health in general. At age 35 I got sober and with sobriety came a realization that I only get the one body & I should do what I can to keep it from falling apart. At the very least, I should submit to a routine medical procedure that could keep me alive, keep my breasts (my flabby, saggy, moo cow titties) intact. So I started going for regular mammograms & I drag my mother with me, whether she thinks she needs a mammogram or not. She fights it, the first year she slapped me, but I’ve lived through worse, and as much of a pain in the ass as my mother is now, she’d be a worse pain in the ass if she were dying of cancer.


  4. That’s a great photo of you, Mak. And it’s a great thing you did. Now, though, I am keenly interested in the mystery of why y’all stopped.


  5. fojap says:

    You amaze me with how much energy you must have.

    My grandmother was a competitive speed skater and she always swore by bananas. Her brother was a speed skater and back then you couldn’t skate in the summer so he was a competitive cyclist during the warm months. A bad cycling accident ended his athletic career.

    I didn’t know what Sarakasi dancers were, so I looked it up. The look fabulous. I sent my sister a link to some videos I found on YouTube. You know she’s a big dance fan and used to be a dancer herself.


    • makagutu says:

      Let’s just say it is the energy of youth. I hope your sister enjoyed the dances as much as you and I did.
      At the moment it is raining so i will cycle less


  6. Nan says:

    In that last shot — are you the handsome one in the middle?


  7. Nancy Oyula says:

    I know the Cancer Awareness month is over, but I’m glad we have people who run initiatives which support people who are ailing. Until recently, I didn’t know how expensive treatment of cancer is; with chemo etc.. I really feel bad seeing how the state of our health sector is, making it difficult for cancer patients. It’s a great thing that you were part of the campaign.


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