Reflections of an idle mind

I am sure many of you have either read or been asked to explain what motivations the atheist have to be decent citizens. Some are so brazen to ask why be concerned about victims of violent crimes or any crimes for that matter if it is all meaningless?
I have seen heathens try to defend themselves from this mad questioning.
I have done a lot of thinking and come to the conclusion that the people asking this question are not good thinkers. Atheists just like theists live in society with others. There are people, and they are commonly referred to as sociopaths, who are unable to function properly in society.
I don’t think that an injunction in a book is sufficient to guide behaviour. So to turn the theist’s question on its head, I ask can a theist be moral? Is the theist moral because it is written some place or do they have other motivation? And what is it?
As for me, the motivation is that I live in society with others. And it is in my best interest and those around me if we can all live sensibly.
We live in society and are a product of several years of experience, that is, of shared experiences that are important in shaping our behaviour.
I conclude this rambling by saying that only a person who thinks of an atheist as living in isolation away from any form of association with other people would ask such a backward question.