The book of the city of ladies

By Christine de Pizan

In this book, Christine is making a case for the equality of the female sex with their male counterparts. To do this, she builds a city to populate with ladies.

In her view, any woman of virtue is a lady. Birth does not necessarily make a person noble but virtue is the highest nobility.

The book reads like the life of the saints, especially in part three where justice is roofing the city.

There have been men, and even recently some catholic priest argued women want to be raped or battered. She gives examples of women who were raped to dishonour them and killed themselves thereafter. Anyone who would think a woman wants to be raped should have his head chopped off. He doesn’t need it.

Does a woman have to be a virgin to be honoured?  Is virginity in women of such great value? In the third part of the book that I have spoken of already, most if not all the women mentioned are virgins or are married but living in chastity, which is the same thing.

It is so full of fable that some people would find taking it seriously impossible. There are so many miracles that are mentioned in it that for me, took away from the very important business of the book.

I also found it a bit disturbing where some of the women mentioned in building of the city are praised for their goodness in overseeing the death of so many people.

Public service announcement

Seasons Greetings all of you my good friends.

Normal broadcasting will resume in a few days. I have travelled to where only crickets chirp and frogs croak. Where one can see stars in the night sky.

Enjoy your Christmas everyone and for those who don’t find Christmas a great time,  have fun still.

With love

A political rant

There are a few oil rich countries where the citizens don’t pay tax. In some places, the tax is as low as 5% and the sky isn’t falling over.

But to most of us, we pay so much in form of taxes
1. To keep lazy ass MPigs in office
2. To support a police force that mainly serves the interests of the political class.

Would it not be doing ourselves a great service if we revolted against this form of tyranny.

I see politicians to be no different from pastors; each of them earning money off the sweat of others. Maybe if we did away with such institutions, everyone would contribute to nation building.

Call me a dreamer, an anarchist or whatever you will, but I think in the end you will agree we have encouraged tyranny it now looks like things can’t be done differently.

On suicide and maybe atheism

The Op in talking about the loss of one his Sunday school students. While we sympathise with their deep loss, we reject his misrepresentation of atheism and atheists.

To misrepresent a group intentionally must be wrong in most ethical systems. And as such when this author writes

My next reflection was on the hollowness of atheism in a time like this. No, not hollowness, but downright wrongness. I thought of Richard Dawkins’ quote “The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil and no good, nothing but blind pitiless indifference.”

and then a paragraph later

But over that, something inside me screams out to the atheists that suicide of a loved one is indeed proof that evil exists, that we want good, and we are incapable of believing that blindness and indifference is the way of the world.

Is to mislead his audience that might not be too critical. The Dawkin’s statement refers to the universe being indifferent. The author’s paragraph portrays atheists as indifferent.

And I would agree with anyone who asks if a good god existed, why did it do nothing? That is a right question to ask.

A lady’s lament to god

Alas, god, why did you not let me be born in the world as a male, so that all my inclinations would be to serve you better, and so that I would not stray in anything and would be as perfect as a male is said to be?  But since your kindness has not been extended to me, then forgive my negligence in your service most fair Lord God, and may it not displease you, for the servant who receives fewer gifts from his lord is less obliged in his service.

Christine de Pizan