63 thoughts on “For SB

  1. ladysighs says:

    Holding a cup of tea in my hands right now. Mainly to keep them warm. 🙂
    Beautiful and colorful pictures!!

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  2. carmen says:

    Gorgeous! Mak, did I tell you that daughter #2 is in Marketing? Her product? TEA!! 🙂


  3. john zande says:

    Lovely landscapes

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  4. fojap says:

    I’ve never seen a field of tea. I’ve heard of Kenyan coffee, but I didn’t know you grew tea.


    • makagutu says:

      I think we grow more tea than coffee. The tea farms are a beautiful scenery


      • fojap says:

        I looked it up after making the comment. I saw a map of Kenya and it reminded me of a funny story.

        My sister and a friend, when they were in college, got jobs working at Glacier National Park in Montana. There’s a lake there called Victoria Lake. My sister’s friend is very sweet and she’s not dumb, but she’s a little flaky. They were constantly switching her from one job to another because she was so bad at all of them. She couldn’t even manage to work at the ice cream concession stand without making mistakes. One day, they tried her at the front desk of a hotel in the park. Someone came in and asked where Victoria Lake was. She said, “Is she a guest here?”

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  5. I shouldn’t say this, but I mainly drink Indian tea, Assam and Darjeeling. And Twinings English Breakfast but no idea what mix that is. Not English tea 😀 lovely pix 🙂


  6. Violet says:

    Thanks for sharing Mak…I drink tons of tea but have never seen a tea field. We grow corn, wheat, and have dairy cows here in Minnesota; the prettiest fields are of sunflowers (for their seeds), but there are none of these in my own little area. My most favorite tea is oolong from china, but I will have to look for some kenyan tea. Is there a particular homegrown kind you like the best?

    Sunflower field in MN:

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  7. Those fields are beautiful. All that tea…growing right out of the ground.

    I’m convinced Kenya is a magical place.

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  8. Peter says:

    I am curious why this was posted in atheism> I did not think tea was the demon drink.

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  9. fojap says:

    I looked up Kenya and tea and found this interesting factoid:

    Unlike many of the other nations who produce large quantities of tea, Kenya does not have many large plantations – approximately 90% of the tea produced is grown on small farms of less than one acre. This is quite a feat, considering that this combined national agricultural project combined to create 369,400 tonnes in 2013 alone.

    In order to keep up with competition, Kenya has shifted its focus to innovation, research and development in the industry. They’ve become leaders in developing new varieties that grow more abundantly, and those that are better able to withstand the weather conditions, as well as single-origin artisan teas.


  10. Barry says:

    Can’t say we get a lot of Kenyan tea here in NZ. Most of our tea is grown in Sri Lanka, with smaller amounts from India and China. Kenyan teas would be about as common as Japanese teas – you have to look for them.

    Personally, I’m not a great tea drinker. I tend to drink it only if coffee isn’t available. A lot of our coffee is grown in Kenya.


  11. Lovely shots. Thanks for sharing them mak *beams a smile and sips her white tea*.

    – esme upon the Cloud


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