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As we should stand at a certain distance to view objects, so we should also stand at a distance to observe society, each has its proper point of view from which it should be regarded. It is quite right that it should not be looked at too closely, for there is hardly a man person who in all matters allows himself themselves to be seen as he they really is are


This joke is too good not to share.

The little boy was found by his mother with pencil and paper, making a sketch. When asked what he was doing, he answered promptly, and with considerable pride:
I am drawing a picture of god
But, gasped the shocked mother, you cannot do that. No one has seen god. No one knows how god looks.
Well, the little boy replied, complacently, when I get through they will

cycling on Kenyan roads

I cycle for fun. Some of you know this already.

I also cycle to work. Most of you don’t know this. I do this when the weather is good or when I don’t feel like driving and sitting pretty in slow moving traffic looking at the beautiful women and not so handsome men stroll by. That is where the good news end.

For the benefit of those who can’t place Kenya on a world map, it is somewhere in East Africa, a third world country where 46% of the 43 million citizens live below the poverty line and income level is in the lower middle income you would think the engineers who design the roads would plan for pedestrians and cyclists. What we have are roads planned for vehicular transport and a host of drivers who lack courtesy.

It is hectic trying to cycle in this mess.

People’s attitudes towards cyclists must change. Instead of seeing us as things to be avoided on the road, drivers must begin to see us as road users with as much right on the road as they.

Did I say I hate helmets. They tell you to not ride without one. The thing they should tell you is to as much as possible avoid being knocked down. I wear a helmet though. One only hopes motorists will learn to share the road with cyclists and the road engineers will think of pedestrian and cycle lanes.

No blog about cycling is complete without cyclists.

All photos by my good friend Moses

on local news

I am beginning to think the missionaries that came to the shores of East Africa to spread their slavish religion were Puritans. If they were not, I think their descendants or rather successors want to create a puritanical society in Kenya and the rest of Africa where they have a hold.

There was a demo against a mini skirt law in Uganda. This piece attempts to show what the problem with this craze is.

These puritans are at it again. Netflix is planning on opening shop in Kenya. The Kenya Film Censoring Classification Board has come out from slumber to tell us

[We cannot be a] passive recipient of foreign content that could corrupt the moral values of our children

The author of the above statement is, you guessed right, a bishop. He must believe that if he can’t be happy, no one else should be. Reminds me of the stories I hear of the US of A where in some states at some point in history, the bar, the stadium and the library were closed on Sunday because the Methodist had to go to church.

The same board tells us

In this era of global terrorism, including broadcasts over the internet by terrorist entities, vigilance is the price of safety and prevention. As Kenyans, we therefore need to ask all the right questions about the unregulated arrival and future of Netflix in the country. We need to ponder its implications in light of the ongoing war on terror by questioning the manner and nature of Netflix’s introduction of services in Kenya.

Really? In a country where the corrupt, the real terrorists and threat to the nation’s livelihood, walk free you dare talk about vigilance. I suspect these people smoke banned substances by the barrel.

And in a bid to save the sheeples from fraud by their charlatans, the government proposed legislation to regulate religion. And at least somebody thinks this regulation is timely.

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