20 thoughts on “On a light note

  1. Cara says:

    We should ship US Presidential candidate Donald Trump over there to be eaten by the lions. He’ll give them heartburn with that orange rug on his head, but it’s a free meal for them & a public service for us.

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  2. john zande says:

    I just saw this on CNN. Poor things. They must be terrified.

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  3. I’ve always had a great affinity towards cats. I communicate with them very well. But, size does matter; and, in this case, size matters tremendously. Nice kitty… please don’t eat me!


  4. Ooh much more exciting than monkeys 🙂

    They’ll probably introduce lion harassment officers as they did in Gib with monkeys. I liked the monkeys. Never gave me any grief.

    Live and let live. Grrrrr

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  5. fojap says:

    I looked this up to make sure someone didn’t bother you about whether or not you have lions on the streets of Nairobi and were, perhaps, just being sarcastic. When I looked it up, I not only found this story, but a whole bunch of stories about escaped animals.

    There was one about a mountain lion hiding under somebody’s house.

    Maybe someone clued the lions in about our cat worshiping conversation the other day. They’ve come to find their followers.


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