21 thoughts on “The mystery of sex

  1. archaeopteryx1 says:

    For me, the only mystery in sex is when am I ever going to have any –?

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  2. Tish Farrell says:

    V. interesting article. Thanks for the link. Happy weekend!

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  3. ladysighs says:

    I started reading the article. Then thought there was a better way to solve the mystery. 🙂

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  4. First time I had sex I was terrified cause I was alone.

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  5. shelldigger says:

    Having read the article, and having had sex once or twice, I can reply “because it’s so damn good!”

    I kind of remember having read about sexual reproduction being better overall than asexual reproduction (evolutionarily) but had semi forgotten that little snippet.


  6. The irrepressible sexual impulse, afflicting primarily the young, is a biological necessity that overcomes individuals’ aversion to members of their own species. Bears are probably the most extreme example. Other than mating and child-rearing, bears tend to avoid each other. Human beings, as they get older, begin to realize that they’ve been held captive by their own sexual desires. Such realizations are an extremely liberating experience, many find.

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  7. Real real me says:

    So… sex makes us more productive… I love this scientific side/research of sex… By the way, having read the comments on this post… I’m really having fun on your blog… 😀


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