what do I say to an atheist

A foolish person is ‘quick’ to condemn what they do not understand. A wise person is ‘slow’ to condemn what they do understand
Martino, Joseph P

I think the above quote is relevant as a response to this post. I can only say the author has condemned atheism and atheists due to their own lack of understanding. There is no logical argument that leads from  having a conscience to the existence of god[s]. As I have said before, appealing to authority, or perceived authority to make claims is fallacious. In this case reference is made to C.S Lewis as if he was/ is the poster boy for atheists. That should be left to Jean Messlier.

The following advice is given to atheists encountering a godcultist for the first time

  1. Don’t ask for evidence; remember the godcultist relies on faith for their claims. You may wait a lifetime and there will still be no evidence.
  2. Don’t ask them about the problem of evil; the godcultist believes their god is good regardless of evidence to the contrary
  3. there are no such thing as Christians; they, almost all of them, worship money, fame and sex
  4. be sarcastic; this is the easiest way to get them to leave you alone. Satire could be considered too
  5. your only authority is me; you can’t rely on some book

I hope you will look for every opportunity not to bother godcultists but to improve the world around you.