the catholic church is at it again

This time in Canada over assisted dying.

If you are terminally ill, Canadian, are unfortunately Catholic and cares about burial rites, then don’t think about assisted dying. Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa has said the Church might refuse to conduct a funeral when families strongly support and champion their loved one’s assisted-death decision.

To the bishop, assisted dying is a morally great evil, maybe greater than the wasting disease that makes one consider assisted suicide.

I sympathise with Catholics and those who want religious rites at their funerals.

Maybe they should tell the church to fuck off.


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36 thoughts on “the catholic church is at it again

  1. The Church should focus more on ending its love of pedophilia and less on shit like this. A-holes.

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  2. john zande says:

    Fortunately, very few Catholics listen to the hierarchy.

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  3. carmen says:

    Three quarters of Canadians are in favour of assisted dying. The Catholic Church can posture all it likes, no one is listening. I don’t know how they think they have once ounce of credibility with sensible people.

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  4. carmen says:

    Mak, I’ve just done some more digging and it appears you are correct – the C of E here in Canada is not supporting assisted dying, (officially) although there are many individuals within who do. I’ll be following this debate with interest. . .


    • makagutu says:

      I would be surprised if they did. Most church members in their individual capacities may not object but collectively as a group, they object to physician assisted suicide dying


  5. Violet says:

    Assisted suicide is illegal in all but four states in the US:

    Catholics (the #1 religion) in my state of Minnesota are putting up such a fierce fight I don’t think it will ever pass here. Every lawmaker and catholic idjit should be forced to spend a week on a cancer ward and hear people screaming in agony. There narcotics legislature is so tough here that not even people with terminal cancer are allowed painkillers (like morphine) in doses high enough to control their pain. To a catholic though, suffering is fucking REDEMPTIVE.

    Until I see catholics invite a dying cancer patient into their homes, promise to care for a pregnant woman’s child who is handicapped or in poverty, or manage to have their priest’s keep their dicks in their pants, they should not be allowed to control this nation with their twisted agenda.

    The fact that when I was a catholic I bought into all their bullshit, and voted accordingly, makes me gasp in horror and regret. People think religion is harmless? No. It’s toxic.

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  6. Nan says:

    Whether it’s assisted dying, abortion, gay marriage … or whatever social issue that one can mention … the “church” should have no business or right to interfere. Let their congregation live as they instruct them to and let the rest of us alone!!

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