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Many a theist accuse atheists or judge atheism by what they believe atheism doesn’t/ can’t answer. I don’t know whether atheism is to answer why birds fly and whether failure to do this makes it false.

In this article by Eric makes it his main point to create a problem which the only way he sees out of it is to invoke the unknown. He asks,

Everything can be explained purely naturally through a study of the natural world. In short, nature exists “naturally,” not supernaturally.

If such is the case, however, then how did nature get here to begin with?

Why must he assume that Nature, which encompasses all there is, had to come from somewhere. This information cannot be given by experience. All we see is things changing from one form to another but never a thing arising out of nothing. To therefore ask where nature comes from is to leave the province of experience and delve into that which is better called speculative reason.

I contend that we have no way of knowing if there are any supernatural things. In fact, what is supernatural is not clearly defined.

Eric thinks he has argued against atheism by asking why anyone would believe something from nothing is possible while not realizing the theist believes that a being living in a timeless and space-less somewhere created all things out of nothing. If anything, the naturalists at least believes matter cannot be created or destroyed and could be eternal and that it requires no force outside of itself to transform.

Why the theist insists that the origin of life, if it had any, is supernatural is beyond my understanding. To claim that this and that are a result of this supernatural action, I think, requires evidence in their support.


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22 thoughts on “atheism

  1. “If such is the case, however, then how did nature get here to begin with?” Answer: By a natural process. We may not understand it, but, if something is, then it’s natural. Natural things exist. Supernatural things exist only in books like Lord of the Rings and the babble. Even if these idiotic, “Nature must come from an invisible elsewhere” theories were true, WTF do they have to do with the christian babble? This guy needs to see a psychiatrist and be medicated. Delusional fantasies are not healthy. They’re natural, for bat-shit crazy folk, but they’re not healthy.

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  2. Joseph Wahome says:

    As ever, theists thrive by using the “God of the Gaps” way of thinking. Whenever some question seems to be beyond the present knowledge of human beings, they immediately jump in and shout: “Goddidit!”.


  3. john zande says:

    Why have a supernatural beginning if everything else after is perfectly natural?


  4. Tish Farrell says:

    My other half thinks I’m a woolly minded social scientist, and it’s true my grasp of science and principally maths is pretty weak. But this last week we’ve been watching theoretical physicist, Jim Al-Kalili on the BBC – The Beginning and End of the Universe. I mean what’s there to say but: what a blast! We’re living through the fall out on our tiny little planet, in a universe which may or may not go on expanding indefinitely. And creation is all down to the burning up of helium and hydrogen (I think I got that right) which in turn creates heavier elements -the building blocks of the world as we know it. And even though I can’t do the maths, it’s all so blooming exciting – to look out on the night sky and see light that’s billions of years old, and to know that there is universe after universe out there, stars living and dying. Why would we want to boil all this down and believe only in a very small set of myths?

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    • makagutu says:

      Tish, you ask why would we want to boil all this and believe only in a very small set of myths? Because most people can only understand simple things

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    • ubi dubium says:

      The wondrousness of the universe is far more than our puny little minds can grasp. Our minds didn’t evolve to easily comprehend such things. We like things that are on a smaller scale, on a human scale. So we invent gods that are like human kings, just a little more powerful. Little gods that are concerned with the petty-day-to-day details of our existence. Gods that work miracles with car keys and arthritis, people can wrap their heads around that.

      Sometimes, when somebody asks me why I left religion, I’ll say “My universe got so much bigger, and your god stayed way too small.”

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