Update on registration

You remember sometime back I had a post about the registrar of societies declining to register atheists. I think the moral hurdle has been overcome and we are no longer a threat to morals or national cohesion.
If this accurate, then I think it is proper to say the registrar had earlier been ill advised

It says in the book

2 weeks ago a shopkeeper was killed somewhere in the UK. The murder suspect has issued he killed him because of difference of opinion.

Today or late yesterday, a secular blogger, I think the fifth one in a short span was hacked and then shot to death for insulting the prophet.

Is it too much to ask that the prophet takes care of his shit. We are tired of this shit. I would understand, not excuse, conflict arising from inability to share resources. But to kill for god or her prophets is inexcusable.

on cultural appropriation

I readily admit I could be wrong, or even naïve but I don’t seem to understand all the noise about cultural appropriation.

Recently I heard one of Canada’s leading export to the US was accused of cultural appropriation for adopting locks as a hairdo.

As students of architecture, we had a class on cultural anthropology and one of the things we learnt about culture is that it is dynamic, adoptive and many more.

My great grandfathers used to remove their lower teeth as initiation. We no longer do, just in case you were thinking I am toothless. I wouldn’t give a rat ass if some bloke from Europe decided to do the same thing tomorrow. Can’t people just grow up?

The adaptive nature of culturepdf