Some good news

Our friend Mordanicus should be in a position to confirm this and maybe share with us what the strategy employed was we implement it elsewhere


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12 thoughts on “Some good news

  1. Now, if only this kinda thing would happen more frequently and in other parts of the world.

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  2. Mordanicus says:

    Unfortunately, I cannot confirm this as I am not Danish nor have I ever been there.


  3. john zande says:

    Rautakky says this “tax” is also imposed in Finland. So yes, this is an excellent idea.

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  4. >>> Stephen Evans of the UK’s National Secular Society told Christian Today: “It’s not at all surprising that Danish citizens are cancelling their church membership. Nobody should be auto-enrolled into a religion, particularly when it comes with the imposition of a church tax to fund an institution that you may not support.

    >>> “In secular democracies churches have to learn to stand on their own feet and not rely on unwilling citizens or the state for financial support. That goes as much for the Church of England here as it does the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark.”


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  5. Something to think about..

    Fry points out that the most rational countries of the world are those that have kings and queens: constitutional monarchies like Sweden and Denmark, and are also the most atheistic, even though many have state religions. He compares that to the U.S., who has separation of church and state, no state religion, yet the U.S. is the most religious (Christian) country in the industrialized world.


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