An apology

is in order to our friend. You see in an earlier post I had mentioned that maybe she lived in the Congo basin or somewhere remote. It turns out my comprehension skills are wanting. Her faith journey was way back when internet access to homes was almost non-existent and all those of you calling her out on this should desist immediately.

So this leaves only one question unanswered; what happened to the Christians who taught scripture where she went to school?

The God Delusion by Dawkins was published in 2006 and her conversion was 16 years ago. I know I am poor at math, but this math doesn’t add up.

I have always admitted to not having met atheists till when I was in campus. I had not come across atheist literature before that time. It is plausible that she didn’t know where to find a bible. And remember hers was all before internet was found in most homes.

So with this I would like to apologise for saying

How long ago was this? Was in the era before internet? This must be some place in the Congo forest

and enlist tildeb’s help until such a time as approved by Eva.