of hemlines, rape and burqas

Here is an article on hemlines.

There has been a related debate about burqas for Air France staff who go to Iran

Is it that we live in societies that can’t stand women?

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

42 thoughts on “of hemlines, rape and burqas

  1. Ooooh. Dodgy territory Mak. But, I’ll bite.

    Read the NZ one elsewhere. Usual story, naught women, no, teenage girls mustn’t distract predatory men who absolutely can’t think without their dick.

    Air France one was new. This is different. Respect for religion. No!!! Wait!!! This is the same theme. Telling women what to do. How to behave. What to wear. Because, if women don’t cover up, they get raped and/or murdered.


    • makagutu says:

      I was hoping you would say something on this.
      It’s territory I tour in a glass van. Dodgy as it gets.


      • Hey. You are pointing it out. Thank you for that. Up to the rest of us to add to that.

        So โ€ฆ in the first article (I think), there was rightful criticism about what women should wear and putting demarcation on that. No one should tell anyone what to wear. Easy.

        But โ€ฆ but โ€ฆ but. That one ended with saying women can wear the shortest skirts, minimalist clothes etc.

        The big question is, why do we do that? And believe me, I’ve done it.


  2. shelldigger says:

    All I can say to article one is, I am sorry. I am a man. I simply cannot keep myself from having a look. I try to be subtle, non invasive, and would not resort to catcalls or whistles or other obnoxious behavior. But again I am a man. I am sorry. 0.0

    Article two, simple. Fuck Iran. Stop sending your planes there, they clearly do not deserve your business.


    • makagutu says:

      At what point does looking become invasive? If one only looks, has he transgressed?
      I thought so too. Eff Iran but then it occurred to me they have oil and we want oil money and the situation just became complex


  3. “Is it that we live in societies that canโ€™t stand women?” I believe so. Societies that can’t stand, and often fear women.

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  4. ubi dubium says:

    We seem to live in a society that also thinks so little of men that we assume they can’t take responsibility for their actions.

    And women are looking at men too! Why is there never any expectation that the men cover up to avoid inflaming the passions of women?

    I think the correct response for the Air France staff is to have everyone on their flight crews wear head scarves while off duty.


    • makagutu says:

      When we were in Somalia at the beginning of the year with the lady engineer, she would wear a burka whenever we were out.
      I think it is easier to just have a male crew than have women wear burkas just to bend backwards for a religion.
      Interesting point ubi. The question would be how often do men get cat-called in the streets? Whereas I am all for my dress my choice, I have met some men in the mall who seem to have left home in an emergency.


  5. john zande says:

    Brazil has many faults, but sexual freedom is not one of them. Sexiness oozes here. Now, I’ve wondered how refugees who arrive here (and Brazil has taken in many from the Middle East) react to this openness.

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    • makagutu says:

      That would be an interesting study though it would not reveal much. I think the people from the middle east have learnt to act. Once out of there, I think, they would just be like the rest of the men, looking and once every so often making comments positive or negative

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  6. Nyambura says:

    Sometimes, being a woman sucks; but most times, unscrupulous men, with an iota of power, suck–majorly.

    All I will say is this:

    “Women, do whatever pleases you.”

    “Unscrupulous men, just worry about yourselves for a change, thank you very much!!!!”

    “All kind, compassionate and ‘let-live’ type gentlemen, we appreciate you for reminding us (women) that we are much more than the clothes we wear.”


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  7. Ron says:

    Throw off the shackles of textileism and become a nudist.

    “Give me your thighs, your pubes, your huddled mammaries yearning to breathe free.”

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