this is hilarious

In his post, an open letter to skeptics, Michael intends to show the doubter that his god is the real one because it says so in the bible.

Because different religions make almost similar claims, I asked if he knows Arjuna. His response was

Please think about this. Your life, your eternal soul, depends on it.

[And many bible verses]

He has written an explanation for why he will not publish a comment I wrote. He writes

“makagutu” sent a response comment which I have chosen not to publish. This person did not comment on any point that I made in my post. Rather, they sought to use my blog as a platform for their own agenda. I am not obliged to permit anyone else to commandeer my site. My blog and this latest post are clearly based on a Scriptural perspective. I have made every effort to openly declare that my faith, my opinions and my convictions are all Biblically based. One look at my website header makes that totally obvious.

And yet this person apparently takes offense at my posting Bible verses. They are free to hold their own opinions, but why would anyone engage the author of Biblically-based articles if they are offended by the use of Biblical arguments and Biblical citations? That response is a non-sequitur. It’s senseless.

I do not apologize for stating the gospel of Jesus Christ. makagutu’s god, like all false gods, redeems no one. It only leads people to their deaths.

“And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

One might be wondering what I could have written to warrant this explanation?

I asked him to show where my question was a mockery, what agenda was I hawking and what had I lied about. Maybe that was too much to ask. Why write a letter to a group of people you can’t answer their queries?