what a world with legal weed would look like

You are aware, if you are aware of many things, there is a meeting at the UN to discuss international drug control priorities and policies.

On their list, weed will feature.

Those here opposed to decriminalizing weed and other recreational drugs can share with me their objections.

On assisted dying

Recently I was reading an article on physician assisted dying becoming legal in California from June.

While one can easily dismiss any religious objections, for example, by telling Christians their lawd committed suicide by the centurion, other objections such as slippery slope arguments have been tackled by many proponents of the legislation.

Here is one objection that does not make any sense

Life is a terminal disease because all of us are going to die. Thus, by this logic the state of California should build in every district a suicide chamber with a professional assistant where everybody could easily committ a suicide without troubling the society.
Sorry for my cynism but I look with pity at the deterioration of Western civilization…