24 thoughts on “I am building a wall

  1. Tish Farrell says:

    He should be walled up or walled in (padded cell?). The man is unspeakable, appealing to people’s most base inclinations. Perhaps while he is building a wall, he might like to repatriate large parts of the USA that originally belonged to Mexico.

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  2. He’s a ball of mold encrusted slime stuffed into a suit. Simply a horrible human being.

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  3. john zande says:

    Mr. Drumpf is unique, like Creationists.


  4. Scottie says:

    The sad thing is… this is how he really is. It is not an act. He lives in a bubble all his own. Ron worked for him and his employees are not allowed to tell him he is wrong. No one can correct him. He is the ultimate emperor. Plus he throws fits when he is not happy with something. He is such an embarasment. Hugs

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  5. I might build a wall too! And I might make you pay for it! HA! Although I’m still not sure how or why. But I still might!


  6. Ruth says:

    Whaaaa, whaaaa, whaaaa….it’s all just so unfair. The media is unfair, the American judge is Mexican because he is unfair, and even if he wasn’t Mexican, he might be a Muslim, and he’d still be unfair. I’ve never seen a bigger cry baby in my whole entire life!

    He’s building a wall. A big, beautiful, wall. With a big, beautiful door in it.

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  7. Scottie says:

    One way he props up his ego is NO ONE that works for him is allowed to tell him he is wrong. Period. You support his every snort and belch, he is the god of his reality. Hugs


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