13 thoughts on “Strong families

  1. Mordanicus says:

    That man keeps amazing me, as if he turns crazier with day…

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  2. john zande says:

    I second Mords thoughts. He’s a dangerous fellow. Turkey should never have been accepted into NATO

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  3. This guy and Trump must be cousins. Brilliant fellows both.

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  4. He’s been evaluated by neuroscientists. Erdogan is a typical example of the 10 year illness — impacting the brain of people holding power, often unfettered, for longer than 10 years. This post by Dr. Ian Robertson was written in 2013 regarding Erdogan’s behavior.

    “Power’s effects on the brain have many similarities to those of drugs like cocaine: both significantly change brain function by increasing the chemical messenger dopamine’s activity in the brain’s reward network. These changes also affect the cortex and alter thinking, making people more confident, bolder – and even smarter.

    But these same changes also make people egocentric, less self-critical, less anxious and less able to detect errors and dangers.

    The neurological effects of unconstrained power on the brain also inhibit the very parts of the brain which are crucial for self-awareness and what Erdoğan has to realize for the sake of Turkey’s future is actually the hardest thing for any human being to appreciate – that his own judgment is being distorted by 10 long years in power.

    It is my judgment that no leader can survive more than 10 years in power without encountering massive distortion of judgment of the sort we are witnessing in Erdoğan’s response to the current unrest.”


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