12 thoughts on “The Dalai Lama on world future

  1. I think the Dalai Lama needs to open a deli. It’ll be called, “The Dalai’s Deli” and will specialize in vegan dishes and herbal teas. I’d go, I’ll tell ya that.

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  2. >>> “To find solutions to the environmental crisis and violent conflicts that confront us in the 21st century, we need to seek new answers. Even though I am a Buddhist monk, I believe that these solutions lie beyond religion in the promotion of a concept I call secular ethics. This is an approach to educating ourselves based on scientific findings, common experience and common sense — a more universal approach to the promotion of our shared human values.”

    Bravo, but how?

    >>> “It is not enough simply to pray. There are solutions to many of the problems we face; new mechanisms for dialogue need to be created, along with systems of education to inculcate moral values. These must be grounded in the perspective that we all belong to one human family and that together we can take action to address global challenges.”

    And, therein lays the problem. Religious extremism is spreading faster than the general societal decline in religious participation, and the same can be said for other forms of cultural extremism (e.g. bigotry and racism). Furthermore, humankind is not facing a dearth of ideas and mechanisms for solutions. The problem is the RESISTANCE to such solutions coming from vested special interests and from the fear generated by increasingly stratified and polarized societies around the world. Climate change is a perfect example. Science knows how to fix the problem; however, the fossil fuel industry and their ideological allies are blocking and undermining the remedies which must be implemented politically.

    While I applaud the Dalai Lama’s sentiments, I do find them pollyannaish.

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    • tildeb says:

      Exactly right.

      The call for secular ethics by a religious leader is an excellent breakthrough but the religious and other faith-based resistance is the central problem to our collective advancement gaining the upper hand on some of these pernicious effects.

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    • makagutu says:

      I think deserves applause. Maybe the next generation of the religious types will learn from him

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  3. Interesting perspective but either way there’s no peace: oppression and subjugation vs. the fight for freedoms. Will there ever be an end-game, a realistic end-game, that engenders serious hope? The escalations are making it look very doubtful. Thanks for this post my friend.

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  4. basenjibrian says:

    Unfortunately, I think “the Earth” will be implementing very soon a harsh solution to many of these problems, which at least partly can be blamed on one underlying problem: too many people.


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