On free will

I think this quote below best illustrates how the freewill proponents see it. It is from one of the essays by Voltaire.

He writes 

I neither will to make my nest nor the contrary; it is a matter of complete indifference to me; but I am going to will to make my nest solely for the sake of willing, and without being determined to do it in any way, merely to prove that I am free.

the Questions of Zapata

I know most of you are familiar with the work of Voltaire: Toleration and other essays in which is found the questions of Zapata. Zapata presented his questions to a committee of doctors in 1629 which did not answer him but suppressed them.

The questions are not new, but they are quite refreshing

  • Is Genesis literal or allegorical? How did God create light before there was a sun? How could there be a day before the sun was made? How was the firmament created when there is no such thing. Was not the firmament an illusion of the ancient Greeks, who came later than the Jews?
  • Since God allowed the construction of the pyramids, how high was the tower of Babel? Did it reach the moon?
  • Exodus says the Jews remained in Egypt for 400 years. Counting carefully, only 205 years can be accounted for; why the disparity?
  • Moses took an idolater to wife. Why did God not reproach him? How could Pharaoh’s magicians change into blood all the waters since they had already been changed into blood by Moses? Led by God, why did not Moses simply take Egypt, in which God had already slain the first born? Why did they take the long and difficult way home instead of going straight to Canaan?

There are many more questions in that link that I don’t think our pious friends have answered. Maybe Ark’s friends James and Willy have answers.