Did Spinoza anticipate CS

He writes

There are some people, however, who will not admit that there is any corruption, even in other passages, but maintain that by some unique exercise of providence god has preserved from corruption every word in the Bible….

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31 thoughts on “Did Spinoza anticipate CS

  1. It seems like he did. He’s described CS perfectly.


  2. From a neurological standpoint, studies show neural circuitry associated with critical assessment, and negative emotions, get switched off in romantic and paternal/maternal attachments (love/lust is blind). Same thing can happen to people who form a strong attachment to their god. I thought of CS when I saw this. Was saving it for the right post. 😉

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  3. Did anyone anticipate CS? Possibly CS Lewis?


  4. nannus says:

    Just allow me a stupid question: what does “CS” stand for here? Looking it up yielde https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CS. There are a few additional meanings of the abbreviation in my own native language (German). 🙂


  5. I was thinking CS Lewis too since that fellow makes the same ridiculous claims as the other CS, although Lewis is a marginally better writer.


  6. vequinox says:

    Reblogged this on vequinox.


  7. Carmen says:

    I’m the third person who thought you were referring to CS Lewis. Read the Narnia classics to my kids when they were little – about the only thing he has in common with the ‘other’ CS is that they have vivid imaginations. (Springing from a common source)


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