On the supremacy of civil law

On this count, I agree with Spinoza again on his conclusion when he writes, regarding what laws should have supremacy

We conclude that the sovereign power, which alone is bound both by divine and natural right to preserve and guard the laws of the state, should have supreme authority for making any laws a bout religion which it thinks fit; all are bound to obey its behests on the subject

The above is so that the likes of Davis cannot fail to do their civic duty by cutting religious reasons for then everyone would cite a religious reason for disobedience to the state. And in such a scenario, only chaos would result.

Elsewhere he writes, and I think agree

No one knows by nature that he owes any obedience to God nor can he attain thereto by any exercise of his reason.

In another place, he writes

It is not only in respect of ignorance that we conceive the state of nature as prior to, and lacking the divine revealed law and right, but in respect of freedom also, wherewith all men are born endowed.

Say what you will, but one must agree that Spinoza was a head of his time and maybe even ahead of some of us in respect to freedom of thought and separation of church and state.