On abortion

I hardly talk about abortion for the simple reason it is for most people very emotive and because it is not in my place to tell a woman, any woman what to do when she finds herself pregnant. So I am not going to talk about abortion.

Here is a link that I thought you all may like to read: The only moral abortion is my abortion

The immorality of pr0-life

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62 thoughts on “On abortion

  1. Charity says:

    I sometimes get a little annoyed with the whole abortion debate. At times it just seems like a total distraction from other important women’s issues. Personally, I’d like to know why so many birth methods and sterilizations are so shitty. Why can’t we improve that? Then maybe there’ll be little need for the whole back and forth on abortion. Why are urologists and obgyns often not honest and rarely helpful in treating women regarding birth control, sexual issues, incontinence, female cancers, pregnancy, and post partum? Throwing antidepressants at us and telling us to find a good Sunday school class does not help female issues. And we can say that it’s the male doctors who treat us horribly all day long. However, I’ve been to some pretty shitty female doctors regarding these issues as well.

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    • makagutu says:

      You ask very hard questions.
      While I don’t have answers, I think one of the problems is we start to late, on sex Ed, if it is there at all or are too afraid to even talk about it. So I propose we start with education. And for those already past this to get the best available information on the reproductive choices they have.
      Maybe that way we will begin to address the problem.

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      • Charity says:

        It’s just that I’ve gone way out of my way to not have a bunch of kids. However, I still continue to pay a steep price. I have to admit, it’s encouraged me to be pro choice for I personally know just how crummy the medical alternatives in preventing pregnancies are.

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  2. The only moral abortion is my abortion. Brilliant title.

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  3. shelldigger says:

    …and you perhaps expected differently from our religious hypocrites? 😉

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  4. Nan says:

    We all have our opinions and beliefs about certain things and may even “fight to the death” to defend our perspectives. That is, UNTIL it comes down to our personal life and circumstances. Then everything changes.

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  5. john zande says:

    I, on the other hand, enjoy talking about it 😉

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  6. john zande says:

    Great article, BTW. That’s a keeper.


  7. violetwisp says:

    Really interesting, thanks for linking to it.


  8. […] The argument [for abortion] is remarkably straightforward and emotion-free. (John Zande on Random Thoughts) […]


  9. If a woman chooses to be anti-abortion
    it is not for me to challenge that decision
    it is for her to decide what to do with her mind


  10. Blaise says:

    Would you mind reading my abortion blog and tell me what you think? I’m torn up about it. Thanks!


  11. Blaise says:

    If someone promises to stay in a relationship with you if you have an abortion….then shouldn’t they be obligated to keep there promise? 

    We are …
    abortion. lies. sorrow. unfair. tricked


  12. Agreed, I am this: Her decision. Especially in deceitful conditions, i.e. rape, drugged, incestuous. Life is special. Woman are fabulously endowed with the gift of creating life. Religion and culture should not be a decision making aspect. Further more as individuals we want to push our own opinions, but really we should keep our mouths shut when it comes to the outcome of someone in this instance. We can give support. I have learned acceptance brings contentment. I do not pretend to know how hard it is to face these decisions, but I do know how hard it is to live your life in accordance with someone else’s beliefs.


  13. Deb says:

    For those that are wanting somebody to relate with; especially the younger college generations, I wish that you would use me as a resource . The truth is going through an abortion has a lot of personal consequences; I believe that anything messy or dirty has a consequence to it… but it is redeemable through Christ.


  14. […] links to a very interesting article in his post On Abortion, which has numerous examples of anti-abortion women believing there is a moral argument for their […]


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