Atheism is a mental illness

If this idiot could be believed.

In arguing for his case, he ignores the terror activities in the last decade or so that have religion either at their core or among the contributing factors.

He also, like in this example,

The three men, who popularized atheism in the 19th Century, had almost the same experiences early in their lives, and there is a common psychological pattern evident in their later rebellion. Thomas Henry Huxley, Sigmund Freud and Friedrich Nietzsche all had psychological struggles in their early in their lives. 

engage in personal attacks instead of dealing with the content of the said authors.

And in a case of projection, he writes

Rationalization is an atheist’s favorite psychological defense mechanism. They rely on false reasoning that sounds logical to negate the reality of God

And one wonders whether they know any atheists.

To end this post, I will comment on this last one

There is enough proof that atheism is a personality disorder. Atheists have among the highest suicide rates in the world. 

What is wrong with suicide? If one finds their lives not worth continuing, they have a right to end it.

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51 thoughts on “Atheism is a mental illness

  1. Mak, my friend, where did you find that crock of shit?
    I am so not even considering the irrationality of it.
    What has atheism to do with marriage, divorce, children, yak yak yak?
    As for suicide, one might want to possibly factor in other reasons?
    An attack on atheists saying religious people are deluded/mentally ill? Ain’t me who chats to a nonentity.
    I rest my case.

    For the record:
    Married. Not divorced. Well, not yet.

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  2. entropy says:

    That this person doesn’t stumble over his own insinuations and condenscendence is a miracle in itself! Like seems the trend these days, he is making atheism and atheists suspicious on grounds that could at least equally well be applied to christians (christians? what special about their ‘faith’???). I glanced over the text and skipped most of it, due to the senselessness of the whole post. Sorry, I can’t read such stuff. 😉

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  3. notabilia says:

    There seems to be a psychological phenomena where people who follow some sort of irrational, phobic, or bizarre worldview or life practice incorporate the damaging words of their accusers, and shoot back using the same terminology.
    Though they cling, tooth and claw, to their foolish beliefs, they are wounded by the words and force of their doubters, and must try to get back at them with duplicative retorts.
    Not that I clicked on this moron’s dribblings – part of his brain is conceding the fight, the other is trying to hold on by lobbing back the same grenades.
    Go Kenyan distance runners!

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  4. shelldigger says:

    What a load of horse shit. Massive projection and statistics yanked right from his ass. Delusion isn’t just a condition, apparently it is a life style.

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  5. Again, my assumption here is this person is arguing from the christian view point. Those not accepting Jeebus the way he or she deems “correct” is an atheist with a personality disorder. I wonder, should I be a Satan worshiper and sacrifice geese to him every Saturday before dancing naked in the mud in my backyard, would I be considered NOT to have a personality disorder by this person? I’d most certainly not be an atheist, believing in Satan and all. I do wonder. Were the ancient Greeks suffering from a disorder of some sort because Jeebus and Yahweh were fucking with them by waiting a few thousand more years before revealing themselves to those heaven was truly made for, a group of poor Jews in the Roman-ruled Middle East? Funny. When it comes to personality disorders, I’d say christianity is certainly one in and of itself. Virgin births, resurrections, floating full-bodied into the heavens: if belief in these ludicrous things doesn’t warrant the need for the use of high Thorazine dosages, nothing else ever will.

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    • makagutu says:

      Virgin births, transporter fish, talking donkeys and snakes are all plausible. Questioning them, now that is being psychotic!
      God was busy waiting for his chosen group before he could come and commit suicide

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  6. After other factors were controlled, studies found that greater moral objections to suicide was a major contributing factor. In other words, their conditioning made them fear the consequences, i.e., eternal torment.

    As far as there being a higher divorce rate among atheist— not so in the U.S. In fact, conservative Christians have a significantly higher divorce rate than your more moderate to liberal Christians or unbelievers. The data showed that the highest divorce rates were found in the Bible Belt.

    I LOL’d at the ranting about how unhappy we are. If there’s unhappiness, it’s most likely due to having to put up with their incessant fear mongering, obsession with controlling others, not to mention being ostracized by family and community. Studies show that isolation is a major contributing factor in depression.

    One last note: If I found out I was terminally ill, I wouldn’t think twice about moving to a state that has “death with dignity” laws (assistant suicide.)

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  7. Everybody has psychological struggles of one form or another. It’s called being human, and no amount of religion is going to change that. Even though I don’t self-identify as atheist, I’d much rather be associated with the likes of Thomas Henry Huxley, Sigmund Freud and Friedrich Nietzsche than some Christian wacko who builds fake arks in Kentucky and profits from the gullibility of his followers.

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  8. john zande says:

    Errrum, the inly figures I’ve ever seen identifying suicides counts numbers among professions, and dentists have the highest suicide rate.

    Who counts atheists? I think this fellow should divulge his sources. I think he might just be making things up.


    • makagutu says:

      If this >Top 10 least religious countries in the world by perception (Source: US News)

      1. Australia
      2. Sweden
      3. Germany
      4. Netherlands
      5. New Zealand
      6. Luxembourg
      7. Denmark
      8. Canada
      9. France
      10. Austria

      Top 10 least religious countries in the world (Source: Washington Post)

      1. China
      2. Sweden
      3. Czech Republic
      4. Hong Kong
      5. Netherlands
      6. UK
      7. Israel
      8. Japan
      9. Germany
      10. Australia

      Top 10 countries with highest suicide rates (Source: wikipedia)

      (atheist numbers from CIA world factbook and rounded down or up)

      1. Guyana – 4% atheist
      2. South Korea – 43% atheist
      3. Sri Lanka – 0% atheist
      4. Lithuania – 6% atheist
      5. Suriname – 0% atheist
      6. Mozambique – less than 4% atheist
      7. Tanzania – 0% atheist
      8. Nepal – 0% atheist
      9. Kazakhstan – 3% atheist
      10. Burundi – 8% atheist

      Is true, he is getting his stats from his ass

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  9. Arkenaten says:

    So basically, this Dickhead’s premise is:
    If you do not believe in an imaginary omniscient, meglomaniacal genocidal deity who considers eternal torture to be the only alternate choice to not believing in him you are obviously insane?

    Er …


  10. Ron says:

    The man doth project too much, methinks.


  11. Real real me says:

    Oh, this is so illogical!


  12. Hahahahaha!!! Atheism is NOT a mental illness…religion is!!! I went from being super religious…born again, saved, baptized, spreading the word of god to an atheist. Atheism is not anti-god….you have to believe in something to be against it. Atheism is lacking theism…simply believe in no religion or god. I once believed in God, Jesus, heaven, the bible and now I believe there is no god whatsoever and religion is just used for power and comfort. Read my blog to read more about how religion is crippling society!


  13. akashpatel says:

    yes atheist has high suicide rate but does it mean logic and arguments they give us is also wrong.


  14. holly says:

    Hey Mak. ran into this post. Wow. Lots of assertions and assumptions from that guy. lol.
    Interesting to note: “The great majority of people who experience a mental illness do not die by suicide. However, of those who die from suicide, more than 90 percent have a diagnosable mental disorder… 90% of suicides involve individuals suffering from mental illness.”

    I think the problem with suicide is that it does bring sadness and suffering to those surrounding it.. for instance, If I suddenly decided to end my life, it would cause suffering to those in my life that love me, and to those I am responsible to.


    • makagutu says:

      Some people live on making assumptions about others, I think.

      If I suddenly decided to end my life, it would cause suffering to those in my life that love me, and to those I am responsible to.

      I would be very sad if I were to hear you did yourself in.

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