on gods

In the beginning man created god. No. Diop didn’t write that. But he alludes to it in this passage

Because of the requirements of agricultural life, concepts such as matriarchy and totemism, the most perfect social organization and monotheistic religion were born. These engendered others; thus, circumcision resulted from monotheism; in fact, it was really the notion of a god, Amon, uncreated creator of all that exists, that led to the androgynous concept. Since Amon was not created and since he is the origin of all creation, there was a time when he was alone. To the archaic mentality, he must have contained within himself all the male and female principles necessary for procreation. That is why Aomn, the Negro god par excellence of the “Anglo-Egyptian” Sudan (Nubia) and all the rest of Black Africa, was to appear in Sudanese mythology as androgynous. Belief in this hermaphroditic ontology would produce circumcision and excision in the Black world.

[..]By contrast, the ferocity of nature in the Eurasian steppes, the barrenness of those regions, the overall circumstances of material conditions, were to create instincts necessary for survival in such an environment. Here, Nature left no illusion of kindliness; it was implacable and permitted no negligence; man must obtain his bread by the sweat of his brow. Above all, in the course of a long painful existence, he must learn to rely on himself alone, on his own possibilities. He could not indulge in the luxury of believing in a beneficent God who would shower down abundant means of gaining livelihood; instead he would conjure up deities maleficent and cruel, jealous and spiteful; Zeus, Yahweh, among others.[emphasis mine]

And elsewhere he writes about the human origins, he says

Although scientifically attractive, the hypothesis that man existed everywhere at the same time will remain inadmissible so long as we fail to find fossilized man in America, a continent not submerged during the fourth quaternary when man appeared and on which we have all the climatic zones from the South Pole to the North Pole

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

56 thoughts on “on gods

  1. john zande says:

    It seems scholars have been reading Yhwh backwards. Read correctly, back to front, it means He/She… which is nice.


    And on another note:

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  2. Carmen says:

    JZ, it’s s/he. 🙂
    No doubt in my mind that men created gods.

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  3. shelldigger says:

    Methinks Diop had a keen eye.


  4. That man created gods is quite obvious, IMO. This post touches on a few of the reasons, although I’d like to know more. Also, when these omnipotent supernatural entities were being created, how did institutionalized religion enter the picture? Did someone say:

    “Now that we have this powerful and frightening idol, let’s create social organization around it so that we can control the people.”

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    • makagutu says:

      Bob, I wish history or anthropology would shed light on these questions. I don’t know if it began as a means of control or that’s a later development when some crafty fellows saw they could exploit belief in deity

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      • basenjibrian says:

        Detective Thomas Papania: You figure it’s all a scam, huh? All them folks? They just wrong?
        Rustin Cohle: Oh yeah! Been that way since one monkey looked at the sun and told the other monkey, “He said for you to give me your fucking share.” People… so god damn frail they’d rather put a coin in the wishing well than buy dinner.

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    • shelldigger says:

      When the first animal skin clad homo sapien got lucky with a prediction, and that lucky person was elevated to shaman status, and that lucky person found they no longer had to work for their existence, it was on. Just got worse from there and steeped in tons of bullshit.

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  5. Mak and I have created the Great Golden Boot God who kicks ass and takes names later. It’s time we institutionalize it and start taking donations for our tax exempt business. Please send us donations or risk having your asses kicked.

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  6. carmen says:

    Inspired, your comments make me grin. . 🙂 “God(s) love ya!”

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  7. archaeopteryx1 says:

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  8. Barry says:

    As God is made in our image, surely each of us should be able to give it the gender and sexual orientation of our own choosing.


  9. carmen says:

    Yes, I was eventually able to read through them. . 😦


  10. vequinox says:

    Reblogged this on vequinox.


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