On how to treat women 

My good friend roughseas wrote this post about women in the news. Since I have been writing about Africa or my ancestors, I think this might be relevant.  It is from Luo customs and practices by Shadrack Malo. He writes about division of labour thus

The man builds and establishes a home. He puts up the fences. He constructs the houses, tends the cattle, makes the ropes for tying cows and goats. He milks the cows and goes after cattle raiders.

The woman cooks, plasters the house and floor, keeps the house clean, churns the milk, collects firewood and fetches water.

In cooking, a woman serves the food anyway she wants. The man eats whatever he is served.

The woman has exclusive rights over the house. Matters in the home or homestead are in the hands of the woman. There is nothing a man can do without consulting his wife. 

Things have not been like this for a while now. As far as I can tell, the rain started beating us when the white man came to civilize the African! What a shame.