Is there a god? Any god?

The Ark has invited Christians to a challenge. So far, as at this posting,  none has taken it up. The one Christian who has commented has only questioned his motives.

My challenge on the other hand is to the godless; non believers, atheists, agnostics and whoever else in between. 

My agnostic friends tell me whether a god is or not and what it is or could be is unknowable but live their lives as if there is no god.

My atheist friends tell me no evidence for a god has been provided. They lack a belief in the existence of gods/ deities. 

My igtheist friends say the notion of god is incoherent and hasn’t been properly defined to warrant a debate on whether a god could exist. 

All these people live their lives as if there is no god. 

My question or challenge simply is to be told why all these groups are reluctant to say there is no god? What is a god to do if one or several were to exist? 


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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

523 thoughts on “Is there a god? Any god?

  1. mick25117 says:

    How can the theory of athiesm be based on the answer of.. Dont know?


  2. mick25117 says:

    There is evidence of God. Its within our breath and beauty of the world and our existance


  3. persedeplume says:

    @makagutu and @JohnZande:
    It would be quite ironic if his answer was “don’t know”


  4. persedeplume says:

    Let’s separate those things into their appropriate categories to better understand them.

    Those are subjective experiences that can’t be shared with others. I’ve had visions and dreams of being six foot two and married to Rudy Valentino, sadly when I woke reality set in.

    *observations* <===
    I'm really excited about this one! You've actually seen god? Can you describe him? How did god manifest in an observable way to you? Do you see him often?

    *my mere existance*
    *the ability to understand*
    You have your biological parents and evolution to thank for these things. What led you to the conclusion they correlate to a god?

    *the perfect natural world*
    I'm confused by this. The world is a hostile place. Only a percentage of it is habitable. It's even worse out in space…

    *the hope of seeing relatives again*
    I'm not sure I understand how a "hope" brings you closer to knowledge or evidence of god. If you can, unpack this for me.

    I have to say, other than observation, it seems like you rely on personal incredulity to support your beliefs and that is not a reliable pathway to knowledge in my experience.

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