Where is the West

A few weeks back we had a discussion on appropriateness of the label Sub Saharan Africa

There is this guardian article on if the west exists?


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10 thoughts on “Where is the West

  1. atheistsmeow says:

    I’ve never really understood the term other than I live in the western most province of Canada.There is always something more west.

    I don’t know where the connotations come from. The ‘east’ or ‘far east’ means Asian countries, the ‘middle east’ means all those areas around Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

    North, west, south, east are everywhere so I don’t get the ‘meanings’ for some.


    • makagutu says:

      Sometimes when filling forms online they have other countries names then Africa! When was Africa a country?
      I, too, don’t get the meaning of some of the labels.
      The east I think generally referred to the sino -Asian countries.


  2. I read that. Excellent article. Considering the many historical interactions between cultures, the idea of an individualized west is absurd. A bit like saying Christianity popped up out of nowhere.


  3. john zande says:

    Technically speaking?


  4. nannus says:

    Things like “The West” are fictitious, they are as-if-constructions. They gain some reality by many people participating in them.
    They also might mean something different for different people (e.g. for members of the IS, “The West” is something different…) and what they mean is historically changing. The term “The West” denoted a different concept arround 1920, for example (the East then was the culture and religions of India and China etc.) and 1960 (the East then was the Sowjet block). And even if you distinguish such different uses of the term as different concepts, the concept of “The West” as it is used today is a rather vague one.

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