what about the menz

I need guidance on a matter that confuses me daily.

There has been this twitter hashtag and I want to know if it is in order to contend that there is a problem with this blanket statement?

Does questioning the veracity of that statement equate to offering tacit support for misogyny, gender violence especially directed at women or is it possible to have this debate that there is a problem in society and acknowledge that men or women for that matter are not trash?

To add some context to why I am asking,

and my response

So now, is this a case of what about the menz? Is by disagreeing with such blanket statements mean I don’t recognize the problem?

The irony of atheism

GC has written about it, so I will not.

However this comment, by he that will not be named, has got me thinking

Christian Western Civilization is proof that the Bible is of divine nature.

Authentic human rights are a product of Christian Western Civilization.

Iโ€™m studying a course on the Middle Ages by Dr. Daileader who got his Ph D. in history from Harvard University.

Even secular studies of the Middle Ages include instruction on the profound influence of Christianity.

How does one get here, really?