25 thoughts on “Out and about 

  1. Real real me says:

    You are right, they can light up the mood.
    I have forgotten it’s summer there.
    Nice photos.

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  2. atheistsmeow says:

    Love these photos Makagutu, thanks! Beautiful animals!

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  3. Handsome animals indeed.

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  4. How wonderful! How does it work, is each African entitled to a giraffe, or can you choose any animal from a list? Can you have an elephant, or is that only Indians?


  5. Scottie says:

    I have been told that giraffes are very gentle creatures. I was at a open range park once and my truck was the same model and make and almost the same color as the trucks they fed the giraffes with. So when we went to that area they all gathered around my truck and wanted food. They never left a mark on the truck but rubbed on it, and one even tried to climb into the truck bed. Lucky for us the park people were right there, the explained the giraffes were just looking for food and helped us move away from them without hurting any of them. Hugs

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  6. shelldigger says:

    I’m not having a bad day! I’m having a bad month lol.

    The new year will put it all behind me if I can just get there…

    Great pics Mak. As usual I wish I was there to see your world. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  7. Giraffes look like friendly critters.


  8. Carmen says:

    Love the glimpse of those magnificent animals, Mak!

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